How to Increase Fluency in English (as A Foreign Language)

English is one of the world languages. When you travel abroad, you still need to learn about their native language as a respectful gesture. However, you should also be able to know or master one of the world languages. World languages are languages that are most used in the world, some of the examples of the world languages are English and French. Learning English is not only for traveling abroad, but it could also be beneficial for you to master to compete in career world, especially if you work in an area where English is not a mother tongue; but is needed for the progression of the company. Here are some tips to improve your English fluency.

Study English 

Mastering English without experienced persons could be difficult. It is because you will have no one to consult with and also to direct you. Learning by yourself is also possible; but learning with experienced persons will surely help you master English faster. Moreover, when you are in doubt you could directly consult to the persona. Even though, Google is a very helpful in translating text and conversation, it is still not good. It is because Google translate can be grammatically incorrect. Thus, you need to study English, instead of relying on Google translate.

Read Books in English

Reading books in English proves to be highly effective in increasing your skill in English fluency. When you read a book in English, especially when English is not your native language, you will make more effort in understanding it compared to reading a book in your native language that comes natural to you. When you read a book in English, you will be pushed in understanding the story for your enjoyment. Thus, reading a book in English will not only be entertaining; but also educative to you. Moreover, when you find words that yo do not understand you will be driven to find the meaning of the words; thus, you will open dictionary or consulting to experienced persons. Moreover, the more you read, the more enrich your mind become. Not only will you learn about vocabularies or language, but you will also learn about cultures, sociology, diversity and many more.

Watching Movies with English Subtitle

We tend to watch movies with subtitle from our native language. But, you need to change that routine from now on. When you want to increase your fluency in English, watching movies without subtitle and relying only with your listening skill could be highly effective; however, if you think that you still need to hone in your listening skill more before implementing it, you could try by watching movies with English subtitle. These are all the techniques that could help you in increasing your fluency in English.