How to Write a Good Research Paper

Research paper is an academic writing that requires advance knowledge and strong analytical thinking with complex analysis in the chosen topic. In university level, you will be introduced and also creating numerous research paper. However, research paper is an academic writing; thus, it is different from creating any other papers. There are some strategies to produce a good research paper.


In writing a research paper, you must know what you will be discussing in your paper, such as deciding to make a research paper that centers around education or social, or the topic that you want to discuss. Furthermore, you need to understand the “flow” of your research paper. The meaning of the “flow” here is that you should know what you want to write, the approaches, suitable theories and references for your research paper. All of the initial plans could change during the writing of the paper; however, it is important to have ideas of how your research paper is going to be.

The second one is that you need to conduct a through research. Just like the term “research paper”, thus it means a paper that involves researching in a certain field of discussion. In this step, you need to gather information, previous studies, theories, and the supporting information that could strengthen your paper. It would great if you could cite references that is up to date to the year you are writing the paper. Moreover, your paper will also be good if you cite a theory from a known or famous theorist in a certain school of thought

The third one is doing your primary research. In doing your primary research, you should never alter the discussion of the your paper. No matter how you do not like the result or you do not agree with the outcome, you should never be altering or changing the result of your research. Being unbiased and objective in writing a research paper is the ultimate matter in creating a good research paper. Moreover, if your research paper’s discussion involves human beings as the object of the research, you have to make sure that you have their full consent. If they are not consented with the procession of the research, you shall never force them. If your research involves interview, it would be better for you to have recording device with you as well and within the recording, you should never forget to ask their consent and discretion regarding the research. Thus, you have the evidence or prove that they are fully consented with all the procession of the research.

The fourth one is that you shall never reveal the identities the participants of your research. Their identities should be altered with other names. After your research paper is done, you could also share your research paper to your participants. This way you could show your gratitude and appreciation of their involvement in your research and in turn there will also be a transparency between you and the participants. These are all the strategies that could help you in writing a good research paper.