What Will You Learn in Undergraduate Study of English Literature?

You are thinking majoring in English Literature; but, you are curious about what you will learn and what the job prospects you will have in the future. Congratulations! you found the right article. Here is what you need to know about majoring in English Literature.

English Literature Major

From the name of the major, you probably will get the idea that you will only study books. But, there are many fascinating lessons you will learn in English Literature. Of course, you will study prose, poetry, drama; but you will also learn about linguistics. It is the field of study in which you study the language itself. There are several branches of linguistics that you will be learning, namely, phonetics, morphology, syntax, pragmatic-semantic, and discourse. Moreover, nearing the final year (depend on the universities), you will be given a choice of focus. Whether to focus your undergraduate thesis on literature or linguistics; because you will be prepared with some classes to help you compose your undergrad thesis. Furthermore, in English Literature you will also have classes that will improve your ability in public speaking, sharpening your critical thinking, you will also have classes in which you learn about the elements of prose and poetry. Moreover, your acting skills will be honed in drama classes.

Learning English Literature also prepares you for your future through building your character and sharpening your skill such as you will learn how to use words properly with the right context and fitting grammar. It is because grammar is very important, without learning grammar; the words will be jumbled together and instead of revealing the intended meaning, it will only create confusion and more questions. furthermore, you will also be taught regarding your listening skill. It is because being able to construct words properly will also require advance listening skill. Thus, you will learn these complex yet intriguing lessons in the university.

There are many cultures in the world; and you will also be learning regarding local cultures and international cultures. Not only these lessons teach you how there are many cultures in the world and each is very unique; but, you will also be exposed with diversity and in turn you will be open-minded, accepting, understanding and being able to view the world with multiple point of views. Furthermore, you will also be learning creative writing in which you get to put your ideas into stories and in the more advanced class you will be taught to create academic or scientific paper related to the modern issues which will enable you to be in touch and aware of your surrounding and the environment you are in or the environment that catches your attention.

There are also elective subjects that you could take such as psychology, sociology, film interpretation and many more. Moreover, you will also get the knowledge and skill in translation and also in the method of teaching a classroom. Thus, studying English Literature opens up an array of career prospects. You could be a story teller, a poet, a novelist, a teacher, a translator, an interpreter, a public speaker, and it also gives you the opportunities to work in many industries such as hospitality, entertainment, business or in public sectors.