How To Deal With A Cat Not Wanting To Eat

How To Deal With A Cat Not Wanting To Eat

One type of problem that is often asked by cat lovers both in facebook groups and elsewhere is about the condition of cats that are limp due to lack of appetite.

So they worry and worry about the condition of the cat. If you constantly refuse to eat, the cat can get sick and limp. Although in fact we ourselves have given his favorite foods are nutritious and highly nutritious.

Why do cats still not want to eat or drink? What are the causes and how to deal with them so that the cat wants to eat?

All right here will help solve your problem by writing down some of the causes of the cat does not want to eat. Accompanied how to handle it.

Causes and how to cope with the cat does not want to eat

It’s a little tricky to figure out the cause of a cat not wanting to eat. Cats are animals that cannot speak like humans. But, according to research, cats that are not fond of eating can be caused by several genetic factors, health and diet.

As owners, we can’t ignore this. If left unchecked, it will lead to death. He will lack energy, nutrition and nutrition, in the end the cat will get sick and die. Especially for Persian cats that are vulnerable to getting sick. Should be more vigilant.

Here are the reasons why cats do not want to eat in detail from PetsLicious.

1. Due To Food Factors

The main cause of the cat does not want to eat that often happens is the food factor that does not vary. So it makes the cat bored and his appetite decreases. If his appetite decreases then his appetite decreases as well.

Then the solution is to replace the cat’s feed with another, try to combine the food with different types. Don’t just give dry food directly or vice versa. You can buy cat feed in petshops. There are many variations of food that you can choose for your beloved cat.

For nutrition, please adjust to the needs of the cat. If the cat is still small then you should buy cat feed that contains high protein so that the growth of cat puppies is good.

Because usually pet food factories have adjusted the nutritional content based on the condition of the cat. For pregnant cats there is its own, for lactating cats there is also its own. Read: list of Healthy Cat Food and drinks

2. Because Of The Weather So That The Cat Does Not Want To Eat

The cold weather makes the cat prefer to sleep and mojok to get warmth, so lazy to stand close to the food. Moreover, cats are also active during the day.

To overcome this, you just need to provide a comfortable place when it rains during the day. So that he is comfortable when eating food without fear of cold.

3. Indigestion

Sometimes a cat that does not want to eat can be caused because he is experiencing a disturbance in his digestion. The indication is that the cat has vomiting and looks lethargic.

If the liquid that is vomited is yellow, it is a sign of liver disease, if the liquid released is blood red, it is a sign of intestinal disease and if it is dark green, it is a sign of pancreatic disease.

For this problem you should refer to the vet. So that the veterinarian can directly examine and treat it.

4. Oral Diseases

Just like a man when his mouth has problems like thrush. When a cat is affected by oral diseases, its appetite will decrease. How to overcome it take to the doctor to get treatment and so that the cat again hooked to eat.

5. Anemia

Anemia is a disease that often occurs in all living things including humans. Anemia is a lack of angry blood cells, usually cats who are suffering from anemia he tends to like to sleep and lazy to eat.