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Antique Indonesian Furniture

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Antique Indonesian Furniture, handicrafts and original carvings of Indonesian furniture with a high artistic taste upholding traditional flavors, but possessing reliable quality. Antique Reproduction Furniture Manufacturers also work on reproduction furniture with various classic styles such as French Provincial Syle, Dutch, American, Chinese styles, and many other choices. Various types of models can also be done here, from chairs, tables, benches, beds, to antique garden furniture for outdoor use, poolside, veranda and home yard. Everything can be done with high quality and 100% similar to the original, like the old fashioned models, antique and classy. Done by experienced Jepara Indonesia Furniture experts, and indeed experts according to their respective fields, produce high quality work but with competitive prices, is very competitive when compared to buying from the original place where the furniture models are located.

Antique Indonesia Furniture has a variety of finishing as needed, or according to the required order. Finishing with varnish or finishing with paint. Products made from teak wood, but can also be adjusted made from other materials such as mahogany, acacia or other on demand or orders from consumers. The results of this Indonesia furniture can be used for various purposes, for export to countries on various continents, including for hotel projects, restaurants, villas, and other special orders. Antique and luxury nuances are certainly the main attraction of this Antique Indonesian Furniture product. Besides that, we also have the ability to complete special orders, custom orders according to specific shapes and details in order to satisfy the wishes of consumers, all of which are made with the best materials and choices.