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(Ed Scholes dan Tim Laman) Reader Question: How do I become a photographer for National Geographic? My Answer: Photography is really no different than any other pursuit in life if you plan to make a living at it. Unfortunately, there are very few full time salaried photography jobs. All the photographers who take pictures for National Geographic Traveler are freelance independent […]

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There may be fewer habitable planets circling nearby stars than has been thought. A new 3-D computer model has changed scientists’ expectations about how many alien planets could sustain life. An alien planet climate analysis cuts nearly in half the estimated number of habitable planets in our galaxy, scientists reported on Wednesday. The findings arise […]

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Photograph by Alexey Kharitonov This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Photo Contest Images White rocks have stretched for miles alongside the shore of the Prostor Bay. They are formed of a very light and soft pumice as a result of the huge volcanic eruption. This pumice is being eroded by the storms […]

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The Moment  David Doubilet Reef Madness The Pacific reef at Kimbe Bay seemed like paradise to photographer David Doubilet when he visited 17 years ago. But his recent return was more like a stop in photographic purgatory. Shooting was delayed by heavy rains and floods. Visibility was at times limited to ten feet. Several cameras […]

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I had scouted out a few places for an early morning shoot in the tamarack swamps of Wisconsin. I searched and searched until I found this scene. With the sun barely breaking through the fog rising from the melting frost, the light lit up the tamarack in front of this ditch. The ditch faded into […]

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Nokia Lumia 1020 yang mengandalkan kamera 41MP mendapatkan pengakuan dari National Geographic. Kamera pada Lumia 1020 digunakan oleh salah satu kontributor National Geographic untuk hunting foto dalam sebuah tur yang dilakukan di bagian barat daya Amerika Serikat. Kontributor bernama Stephen Alvares tersebut menggunakan Lumia 1020 sebagai kamera utamanya. Alvares mengaku bisa mendapatkan foto dengan kualitas […]

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1. Snowboarding the Pemberton Ice Cap, British Columbia. Photograph by Mark Gribbon “Being in the backcountry is where I belong and am the most happy,” says snowboarder Joel Loverin, seen here on the Pemberton Ice Cap in British Columbia, Canada, during a three-day backcountry camping and riding excursion. “Compared to the other lines I rode […]