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The Moment  David Doubilet Reef Madness The Pacific reef at Kimbe Bay seemed like paradise to photographer David Doubilet when he visited 17 years ago. But his recent return was more like a stop in photographic purgatory. Shooting was delayed by heavy rains and floods. Visibility was at times limited to ten feet. Several cameras […]

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(The delegations of UB in the Conference of Indonesia Young Scientists, FMIPA UI) Mangroves are not only to prevent abrasion. In the hands of Universitas Brawijaya students, mangroves are changed to have various benefits. Through this creation, UB receives the First Winner for Poster Presentation about environment conservation in Writing for the Nation, The Conference […]

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Melting sea ice means big changes for the world’s 20,000 polar bears. (A polar bear watches over two cubs in Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill, Manitoba) Photograph by David Jenkins/Robert Harding/Corbis In the past month, hundreds of polar bears have strolled past a small town in Canada. It’s part of their annual migration […]

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(Clues found near the site of Cahokia (above) indicated that a flood occurred at the height of the city’s population and power.) Photograph by Ira Block, National Geographic. One thousand years ago, on a floodplain of the Mississippi River near modern-day St. Louis, the massive Native American city known today as Cahokia sprang suddenly into […]

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Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo Photograph by John Stanmeyer/National Geographic Stock Some Indonesians believe that belching volcanoes such as Mount Semeru (in background) and Mount Bromo (in foreground) are portals to a subterranean world that has shaped not only Indonesia’s landscape but also its beliefs and culture. A long exposure time captured stars in this […]

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A garden of delicate coral is sheltered from storms in the lee of a nearby peninsula. Kimbe’s reefs help sustain local fishermen, some of whom still rely on traditional outrigger canoes.

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This is my Scientific Student Creativity Program by title Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish. I’ve published it before, but now i publish it full and in doc version. Download here : Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish 1.doc Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish 2.doc […]