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This is my Scientific Student Creativity Program by title Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish. I’ve published it before, but now i publish it full and in doc version. Download here : Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish 1.doc Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish 2.doc […]

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Sugary treats cause a surge of dopamine, which can be measured in the eyes.   Chocolates and other tasty foods can cause spikes in dopamine, a hormone associated with pleasure and addiction. Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic If chocolate brownies make your eyes light up, there’s a chemical reason: Rich, sugary treats trigger a […]

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Tokoh sufi perempuan yang terkenal yaitu Rabiah Al-Adawiyah. Nama lengkapnya yaitu Ummu al-Khair bin Isma’il Al-Adawiyah Al-Qisysyiyah. Beliau diberi nama Rabi’ah karena merupakan anak perempuan keempat dari empat bersaudara. Rabiah dilahirkan dari pasangan suami istri yang hidup miskin bahkan Rabi’ah pun dilahirkan tanpa adanya lampu penerangan. Rabi’ah lahir di kota Basrah, Iraq pada tahun 94 […]

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Nah kali ini saya sedikit berbagi tips untuk membeli ponsel baru. Inilah tips-tipsnya : Pastikan prioritas anda membeli hp. Apakah hanya sekedar komunikasi biasa atau lebih dari itu. Setelah menentukan prioritasnya, sekarang adalah sipkan budget yang harus kamu sediakan. Semakin banyak fitur yang di sematkan, maka harga ponselpun semakin mahal begitu pula dengan sebuah brand-pun […]

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The wonder and beauty of Planet Earth is illustrated perfectly in this years ongoing series of entries submitted for National Geographic Traveler’s Photo Contest Regardless of whether the images were captured by amateur or professional photographers, thousands of pictures flooded into the contest which boasts four categories, including portraits, outdoor scenes, sense of place and […]

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If you’ve just splashed out on the wonderful new Nokia N8 phone you might be wondering what apps you should get for it. Thankfully, there’s plenty of great software already available for the Symbian ^3 operating system, which the device runs. Many popular apps from other platforms such as iOS, Android, and previous versions of […]