Mangrove is one resource that is essential for living organisms, especially the coastal sea area. Preservation of mangrove forest is important, because the mangrove roots that spread everywhere a habitat for various types of coastal aquatic biota such as fish, shrimp, crabs and shellfish. The destruction of mangrove forests will lead to the loss of various types of coastal biota which would disrupt the environmental balance, at least reduced the income of fishermen. On the other hand, mangrove forests also serve to restrain the continued intrusion of sea water penetrated into the mainland as well as withstand abrasion in along the coast. Strong rooting mangroves will also be able to withstand waves and neutralize compounds that contain toxin.

Solutions What We Offer

          The breakthrough which utilizes mangrove plant flowers, it can be used as a solution in which flowers of mangrove plants can be used as an alternative to preservative content of the fish that naturally without harmful chemicals. Panggunaan mangrove flowers are very efficiently implemented as an application and knowledge of the actual problem in Fisheries about chemicals used in preservatives in general. The application of science and this application will begin the world’s fisheries as one of the businesses that are environmentally friendly. The importance of preservation is needed because it is used as resistor decay on the fish if not fulfilled will incur a loss due to spoilage in fish. Therefore, preserving the fish has many benefits and without risk to all parties. The production cost can be reduced to a minimum.
Here making process of Mangrove Utilization Rate (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza) as a Preservative Fish :
1. Ingredients:
The types of mackerel, milkfish and mullet. Salt is good is a clean kitchen salt. Mangrove flowers and place / container.
2. How to Treat:
– At first the fish are washed clean of dirt and slime.
– Place the fish in a sterile container
– Place the Interest of Mangrove (flowers), salt and little water in the fuser (can use smelt machine or mashed manually). The use of salt approximately 2-15% by weight of fish
– Puree ingredients – ingredients until mashed.
– After that, apply to the body of the fish that had been cleaned first.

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