VW Passat modified into World Fastest Shed, David Cameron Allows Its DVSA

A man in the UK to change its Volkswagen Passat sedan became the world fastest shed which is able to break the world record. In a spent 5,000 pounds and took seven months to do. Kevin Nicks (51), the owner of the car, the car reveals the results of his work can still be used. In fact, today was awarded “car barn” the world’s fastest. The vehicle capable of traveling at 113 kilometers per hour, whereas the weight rose to 2 tons.

Record-breaking is done on the runway airfield near York. This world fastest shed breaking the previous record held by a man in China in 2011. Once finished, the car barn was profitable for him. The unique shape invites the attention of many companies to lease it for advertising purposes.

“This car can make people smile. People keep taking pictures and uploading to social media,” said Nicks, reports the Daily Mail. To make that happen as a street vehicle, Nicks had to fight hard. Vehicle licensing authority in the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), had banned that world fastest shed passing in the street because it was considered dangerous.

However, Nicks did not give up so easily, he sent British Prime Minister David Cameron to help him. “I contacted DVSA but the results were disappointing. They want to get rid of this car on the streets. I am making this car as an advertising tool, and they hinder my business,” said Nicks. For that he sent a letter to Cameron for help accelerate all of the licensing process. Three days after he received a letter signed Cameron.

“Dear Nicks, thank you to send a letter to me about the problems of your car. It sounds very attractive to turn your car into a ‘world fastest shed.’ This project takes a long time. Related car license your barn, I already wrote Oliver Morley, DVLA chief executive, on your behalf, to ask for any help or advice that can be given. Let’s see what his response, “according to a letter from Cameron to Nicks.

A few days after that, or in February 2016, was issued a license to DVLA Nicks car so that it can be used on the streets. The farthest distance that has been carried out of the car reached 360 kilometers and no problems. Although the car becomes like a warehouse, but the interior is equipped with features like a usual car, such as leather seats, infotainment, and certainly cooler cabin. Not satisfied with just making one car, Nicks also plans to make other world fastest shed. Will the Prime Minister Cameron to intervene again?