2019 GMC Acadia: The Improved Technologies

It is a good thing that newer updates should be expected from 2019 GMC Acadia. After all, after a decade of official launch and a year from the previous redesigned plan, it seems appropriate for Acadia to get a new updates. So, what can you expect from the new ride?

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Don’t be too surprised if the new 2019 GMC Acadia will be smaller than the previous model. Such a designed is meant to improve power and efficiency. Smaller design doesn’t always mean bad; it can be better than before, actually. With the smaller dimension, the Acadia should be lighter, affecting the handle and control. The company is sure that improved refinement should be expected from this ride. Are the changes only happening on the technical aspects? Well, better technologies and features should be expected from it, focusing on the safety features. It is safe to say that the new Acadia will be similar to the current model, but with improved performance, better technologies and features, and higher standard equipment. Sounds like a good deal, eh?


Despite the changes happening for this new 2019 GMC Acadia, trims won’t be affected. The base SL trim will still be available. The higher SLE trim will get a higher updates, closed by the ultimate SLT trim with the most premium and luxurious options. There will be two different powertrain of four cylinder engine and the optional V6 engine.

Exterior Design

As it was mentioned earlier, the construction of the new Acadia will be shorter, lighter, and also narrower. The construction platform used is the C1XX type that was used by Cadillac XT5 2017. It is modern and small but it is pretty solid and handy to reduce the excessively unnecessary weigh. Thanks to this platform, Acadia can reduce up to 700 pounds in weight.

For the new 2019 GMC Acadia, you can find trapezoidal grille with sleek front side bumper and angular headlights. Expect modern taillights and sculpted fenders to complete the overall look.

Interior Cabin

For the cabin, nothing major will be done but better center console will be developed to improve accessibility and functionality. Comfort feature will be implemented on the seats, including on the third row. Third row will be included although it is more suitable for kids.

Technologies and features are improved as well, with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technology. Infotainment system with its 8 inch touchscreen display, 4G connectivity, and information display system will be included in the upgrades – among the few. Naturally, the higher the trim, the better the features should be. They will be more complete and various.


The Acadia will be coming with four cylinder 2.5 liter engine delivering 193 hp of power. When paired with front wheel driving system and automatic six speed transmission, you can expect an improved handle and speed. There will be optional all wheel driving system for this 2019 GMC Acadia with 25 mpg combined for the fuel economy outcome.