2017 Honda Civic Release date and Specification

Honda will release 2017 Honda Civic for the next year. Honda Civic is a car produced by Honda Motor Company. It first introduced in July 1972 as a two-door coupe and followed by a three-door hatchback in September 1972. This Honda is categorized as a small model car but it provides large interior space enough. Honda has announced that this car manufacturer will release New Honda Civic in Europe on the beginning of 2017. For this project, Honda will invest fund about $303,7 billion for the new technology and production process. For the information, this 2017 Honda Civic will use the newest generation engine with four-cylinder that has 1,5 liter for the capacity. It will also completed by direct-injected and turbocharged. It will be predicted to produce 173 horsepower. In other hand, it will also provide i-VTEC 2.0 liter engine with four-cylinders and it can produce 158 horsepower.

Before the 2017 Honda Civic, there are many generations that produced to fulfill the necessary of transportation around the world.

  • First Generation

The cars from 1973-1979 are included in this generation. This first generation was released I 1972 and for sale in 1973. With 1.2 L engine, this car was very popular because of oil crisis in 1973 the version of CVCC engine was released in 1975 with the capacity 1.5 L and 53 horsepower. This version was only sale in California because of its high standard emission.

  • Second Generation

This generation was released in 1980. It has bigger in size and overall in shape. All this civic generation had been used CVCC engine with the addition of third valve in each cylinder. There are three models of transmission for this generation; manual transmission with four-speed, five-speed, and semi-automatic transmission.

  • Third Generation

This generation was released in 1984. It used 4-cylinder engine series D 1500 cc with CVCC. In Japan, Honda Civic Si was created with more powerful engine and the changeable of suspension.

  • Tenth Generation

This is the newest generation that released in this year. This generation comes with two varieties; LX model and EX model. Those models bring 2.0 liter 16-valve DOHC i-VTEC 4 cylinder, it has 158 horsepower. For the interior, this generation uses the newest style of leather upholstery. For the exterior, it is completed by the longer LED.

So, many people are waiting for the launching of the 2017 Honda Civic. What are the differences with the previous generation? On design, engine, performance, or others; 2017 is the answer.