2017 Ford Ranger Review, Price and Release date

Unlike its compatriot, Chevrolet, Ford actually increases the portion in the world automotive market. After a long discussed, finally the manufacturer from the United America finally releases the new version of the 2017 Ford Ranger that will occupy the business and commercial truck segment multifunctional. After the long time for us to wait, new generation of Ranger is finally born. Not alone, Ford also introduces Ford New Focus to accompany the New Ford Ranger. Well on this occasion, I would invite you to know more about the next-generation of Ford Ranger, which now appears more manly and modern.

Engine and Performance

Being one of the variants of the legendary in the truck segment, Ford Ranger of this new version brings a new twist combined with a distinctive design Ranger. At first glance, the ‘hang’ New Ranger indeed looks lower than the old version. This is reasonable because Ford itself is the target segment of commercial, business, and mining through Ford Ranger. Retaining the headlamp box has become its trademark. Ford Ranger is adapting the manual transmission which energy is supplied by the turbocharger engine technology.


Fancy on the outside, luxurious is inside anyway. That’s roughly the easy description of New Ranger. The cabin in this car is using first class materials, including LCD panels that adorn the cluster dashboard. In addition, the Ford Ranger is using good quality of leather covering the seats. Therefore, a typical ferocious performance diesel engine in this car will be coupled with a luxurious interior that will provide high-class comfort. Now for more details, I have prepared a comprehensive review of the exterior.


The outside view on the specifications of the Ford Ranger has the aura of a new design that is more masculine and elegant. New Ranger exterior looks solid and strong because of the framework structure resembles an integrated protective shield between one part and another. With its framework, the Ford Ranger will have a more manly character and make it has the maximum protection for the driver in it. New Ranger looks dashing with headlamp bulbs shape box separated by a front grille design elongated shape. Ford Ranger also faces more elegant appearance thanks to the placement of the fog lamp at both ends underneath. A little extra, specification of Ford Ranger on the physical part has a difference for each type. For example, a double cabin tubular iron contains in the cargo hold, while a special edition with additional yellow color tubular plate is in sinks part.