System Analyst


Every business is run would not completely run smoothly or without constraints. All would still need the renewal to comply with the wishes and consumer convenience in the transaction. Moreover, doing business through electronic business or also called the E-Business. Doing business with the help of the internet such as through online sales using their own blogs or sell them online through social networking sites like Facebook and others would also have many problems or obstacles that occur when we offer our merchandise items, on during the purchase transaction even when the delivery of goods and payment process.

If you do trade business only through the help of the Internet so any buyer should be able to operate and know how to buy, order until the payment process to do. In addition, the image display to provide an overview of products that we sell should be more clear because prospective buyers can not see directly the goods we offer. It certainly gives a negative impact for people who do business, lack of trust in the seller or business owner is also the difficulty of the ordering process is also a problem for a business. Because each customer can order forms or motifs and also the color of the goods (shoes) in accordance with her wishes if we do not understand exactly what is desired by the buyer then the shoes that we make will not be sold to the buyer because the order is not in accordance with their wishes. In contrast, if we immediately set up a store and receive direct orders. We can directly reflect the will of the buyer in the form of sketch drawings. So the possibility of non skewer into smaller reservations.

Take time to overcome all these problems occur. For the moment we can do is improve the existing product display, if we give opportunity to the buyer to be able to give their ideas to each reservation, we also have to give some examples of motifs that can be modified by combining motif that we provide or by customer can transmit their images via the Internet design is intended to address the company. However, this will require a longer time, because of course every buyer has a different idea.

To overcome the problems many orders of all kinds of buyers we can work around this by way of always making the product in accordance with the existing trend. Every moment must be ready with new designs. Always create a new catalog offerings and also always update the company website or blog. However, this will require more hard work from each member company to cooperate in all respects. All persons who served as the motive and the model shoe designer to be more creative and innovative. However, if it can go well then the maintenance company will be even better because it can simultaneously compete with other similar companies.

Trust purchaser of the product must also be kept, so far the problems that we often encounter is the buyer’s fear of the goods they buy do not fit when worn. This can be overcome by including the specification of the goods we offer in detail again. In addition, the payment process should we make it simple. By using simple sequences of payments in filling the questionnaire. Buyers also must list the complete address for goods ordered can more quickly arrive.

Of all the problems that exist in addition to the need to increase the performance of the provider or traders also must have good communication and cooperation between sellers and buyers to smooth the transaction process until the delivery of goods.