The Impact of Information Technology


information teknology

In this paper first I will explain what is information technology itself. Information technology is a form of human engineering to facilitate the delivery of any information from the giver to the recipient information by using the help of tools such as cellphones, computers, PDAs, television, etc., so the information can be received by the recipient.

Information technology has a lot of influence in the daily lives, for example in education, government, healthcare and others. But this influence is not entirely a positive influence. Many of them are also negative effects. But it all depends on us how to use it.

First I will explain what a positive impact of information technology. In the world of information technology education can help students in the process of tasks from teachers / lecturers. In addition, the materials no longer have to use books, materials can be accessed on the internet. Thus, we will be more efficient because it does not need much spending money to buy a textbook, our science is also increasing.

One type of information technology are now widely used by all circles of society that is the internet. Almost everyone uses the Internet. Whether for entertainment, find the money to seek acquaintance. Through the internet then our job becomes easier because almost all information can be accessed via the internet Internet is only a medium of communication that helps in the process of a task. Not to be copied and paste. So we should be able to use it in the positive. Do not let the title we will be revoked for committing plagiarism activities.

Information technology can also provide entertainment for us. For example, after a full day’s work of course we need the entertainment. One of the things we can do is play games online. Thus, the saturation of the lessons we will be lost. In addition to entertainment in terms of information technology can also strengthen kinship. Example, we all would have been familiar with social networking site facebook. Through our facebook can communicate with siblings, relatives, or friends who are far away from us directly as well connecting by facebook chat.

Therefore, I would like to thank the information technology that has helped me a lot.

If there is a positive influence there must be a negative influence. If we are addicted to information technology such as online gaming or chatting, then we can sit for hours in front of the screen. This is certainly a bad impact on our health. During that our bodies do not move and lack of exercise. We’re going to feel aches and pains. It is also my feeling. When I playing a game, I spent many time and forget what should I do in that time. In fact, sometimes I forget to do the work that should be done.

Besides that I mentioned above, there are many more positive and negative effects of information technology. But back to our own self how to use it.