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Operating System


Before discussing more about the operating system, first I will explain the meaning of the operating system itself. Every time we run an electronic device, especially computers, laptops and mobile phones maybe, we will not escape from the terms of the operating system. Operating system is system software that is responsible for organizing and managing the hardware and as a base operating system so that software applications can be run. This operating system is software that was first installed or put on computer memory, while other software applications that work under the operating system. Can be interpreted that without operating system other application software also does not run.

The operating system also serves as a liaison between the software with the hardware, so the hardware is outside the body of the operating system to function properly. In addition, the operating system also functions as a regulator of applications that run simultaneously so no need to wait for one application is completed in operation to run other applications.

Currently, many kinds of operating systems. Operating systems that include Linux, Windows, Free BSD, Symbian, Palm, Solaris, Mac OS and others. Here I will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of several operating systems and OS that I know what I thought was best.

Of the many operating systems are most widely used is Windows. In addition to its use are relatively easy, perhaps because many people use it so that we become more familiar with this operating system than on other operating systems. Windows itself still has some kind or type, including Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME which is now rarely used because it is still limited in its operation and the many applications that do not support the use of the operating system. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 is released in 2009. Windows 7 has advantages with faster access as compared with the other Windows. However, there are some applications that are incompatible with Windows is probably because Windows is a relatively new still, so still why applications that do not support the use of this operating system. He said this is the completion of Windows Vista that has deficiencies in terms of speed because it looks too heavy.

In addition to Windows Operating System which I have mentioned there is still one of Windows that will be released around the year 2014, this Windows called Windows Orient. Not known exactly how this operating system will operate. But of course it will be increasingly sophisticated.

Besides Windows Linux is also a lot of fans, this Unix-like Operating System. Not like Windows, the operating system can be modified, used and distributed again according to what is desired because the Linux source code is free or open to anyone. Linux was introduced in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. This operating system also has advantages when compared with Microsoft Windows. Linux has high security and stability but it also has high compatibility.

Unlike Windows and Linux, Symbian is designed specifically for mobile equipment or mobile. Symbian itself is a proprietary operating system developed by Symbian Ltd. Symbian OS is the most widely used by Nokia in particular the series E and N series because this series requires a lot of similar applications on common operating systems. For example, Series E member facilities Quickoffice to open or create text like Microsoft Office, but certainly not as complete as Microsoft Office. But to run the application there must surely Operating System. Symbian can do multitasking and security like a desktop. But, of course, the Operating System is also susceptible to viruses, although not all viruses can infect due to limited operation.

After Windows, Linux and Symbian OS there are also Mac Os, which stands for Macintosh Operating System. Mac is an operating system developed by Apple Computer intended for use with Macintosh computers or also called the MacBook. Operating systems can not be run by an PC based IBM. The latest version of Mac OS is Mac OS X (Mac OS Ten), which was introduced in 2000. One disadvantage of this operating system is the price is expensive, but almost every Apple product is the price is high compared with other products. However, if we use this operating system, we can also run other operating systems. For example Windows XP, Windows Vista, even Linux can also be run easily by using Boot Camp on Mac Leopard. In addition, this operating system also has the advantage in the field of resolution pictures or graphics. So if we want to create or editing some pictures, it will be easier to use this operating system.

From some brief explanations about the OS that I know in my opinion it is best to windows, especially windows 7. Because in addition to the operation of the Windows OS that is fairly easily mastered also a fairly high speed. Boot and Shut Down faster process also looks attractive even 3D projections. In addition to these windows there are also several features that support and facilitate our access speeds in its use. By renewing the windows taskbar, it will be easier for us in more quickly access the program, besides the features of Jump In and windows search is also easier for us to find the file or our favorite song.

Windows 7 has been equipped with touch screen feature, so if we use these windows on a PC with touch screen then we did not bother to bring the mouse again. Another advantage is there in windows 7 is in the Community, the Windows Live Essentials then we can access data offline. In contrast to the previous windows, windows 7 has been using Internet Explorer 8, IE can detect the existence of sites that have a potential danger to a PC. Besides the features I have mentioned there are still other features such as Parental Control, Web Slices, Home groups, Snap, Shake, Peek and others.

Although Windows 7 has more advantages than any other OS, but there are also shortcomings. As I explained previously, Windows 7 can not operate some applications, besides that if in Windows Vista to recognize the hardware directly, in Windows 7 there is some hardware that can not be recognized directly. Indeed, the release of Windows 7 is a trial version, so many weaknesses should we understand. Still unknown is the final version of this Windows.

Software Licenses


Software licenses are the laws that govern the use and distribution of software. In this case each piece of software that is licensed can not haphazardly traded within the community. There is a special permit that must be performed or fulfilled by every consumer who wants to use the software. For example, each license must be purchased at a price in accordance with the distribution company’s desired price. If the requirement is not met, and someone using a licensed software to several computers, then it can also be called a violation of the law of a software license. But not all software is licensed, the software can also be shaped freeware or shareware. In this article will discuss some of the licenses we often encounter when we buy or download the software on the Internet or anywhere else.

There are many kinds of software licenses, among others, Freeware or also called full version software. In accordance with the meaning Freeware can be downloaded for free on the Internet. But source code is usually on the freeware is not open source, so that we can not modify it. In addition, freeware is usually non-commercial use. But the advantage we can of freeware is that we can use the software anytime and anywhere because there is no time limit and amount of usage. Examples of freeware that is Firefox, Winamp and others. Perhaps that is the target license us, other than get it easier, we also do not need to purchase a serial number.

Proprietary software, software that is under the EULA. The software with this license is usually accompanied by requirements that determine the use of software, such as the number of installations or distribution. Examples of licenses for Microsoft Windows.

Adware. As with freeware, adware can also be obtained free of charge. But the difference there are ads on the software when we run, both at the beginning of the use or on the sidelines of its use.

In addition there are also shareware or trial or collectively, the demo software, and as the name suggests, too, shareware can be obtained free of charge but no time limit or number of the user to use it. That software can only be to try. There is usually during active use and how many times the use of the software. Having finished their active or trial period, we are required to purchase a full license of the software. Usually the password or serial number that is traded. We can use the software again when we already know or buy that serial number. Software that is included in shareware is winzip.

Trial ware is licensed with certain active period. Similarly, shareware, trial ware sometimes it’s just on some functions of the software is disabled. After the trial period is over, you are also required to purchase the full version of the software if you still want to use it.

In using shareware or trialware when the probation or trial period had expired license is usually the software can still be run again by re-instal it. But of course with the use or limitation of time and how many times we use the same as when we first install it. But this does not work on all existing trialware or shareware.

Unlike the above licenses, the Open Source license to open source code, so we can modify open source software in accordance with our wishes. In addition we can also distribute and publish the source code of our modified by any terms or independently according to the provisions proposed by the software company. Examples of open source applications is the Linux operating system, CMS Joomla, and so forth.

And finally there is the Demo Software. Demo software is intended only to demonstrate the features or the software version without a purpose is used for work.

Of the several kinds of licenses, license where we use the most? If we do not want to spend money to buy a full license for a software alternatives we should choose another alternative such as by downloading free ware over the Internet. Do not use pirated software because every license that is certainly already have a permit that if we break them we’ll get strict punishment if caught. Therefore, since now we have to get used to using legally licensed software without having to hijack it or choose another alternative to using a freeware of course with the system or the purpose of using the same software with the original software that we want.

3D Output on Cinema Development


When this has been a lot of films that utilize technology to increase the output of 3D real sensation in the scene-the scene. But before I’ll explain what it is output. Output is something that indicates an outcome / output data that input from a process into one system so that the results of such processing can be understood or comprehended by human. This output will not be understood without tools or hardware of product/ output hardware. Output hardware may include a printer that can aimlessly hardcopy output in printed text or images, a monitor which can generate output in the form of impressions that have gone through processing, speakers that can produce output in the form of sound, and others. While the 3D output itself is the output that can produce a 3D effect or a real effect if we see a show or movie. And of course use the tool also to enjoy it.

Today the use of 3D output often found when we see the impressions in the movies, especially movies with 3D facilities, because not all the movies using this technology. One of the technologies that developed the technology is RealD 3D. The technology is already widely used by cinemas in various regions, especially in Indonesia itself. The technology is usually supported by a stereo projection system that can produces a rich picture or the view that as real. This technology uses a one digital projector as projection systems, in contrast to cinema in general that use multiple projectors to display images.
The release of this technology is the result of many film industry who have used the three-dimensional animation as movie effects, movie actors, and in the whole movie to give a better effect than in previous films.

This three-dimensional cinema can not we enjoy without any tools or hardware, eyeglasses. These glasses use color and light to create three-dimensional effect. Glasses are usually referred to as three-dimensional glasses are mostly used the lens mainly silver color as a means of regulating the light entering the eye. As with RealD technology, he uses circular polarization, with the Z-filter leading to a silver screen so the light caught can be changed on each eye shadow member is formed the impression that those impressions as if out of the cinema screen. The advantages of these glasses is that we can see which way we want without having to keep the view ahead and should not be tilted. In addition to using lenses or glasses silver mirror, there are also glasses that use the system to generate a wave of real view. Glasses are using the system changes the wavelength or LAMDA. The system can be found on 3D glasses digital camera. Besides that I mentioned, there are still many tools to display real impression like red blue glasses that several years ago used to watch a television show on a private television station in Indonesia.

Three-dimensional technology in the world of film industry in Indonesia is still very rare, especially in home theater at home. Besides the price is certainly very expensive, as well as devices that are not easily found. However, with the advance of technology development and the many movies that come with BluRay format,  then it will encourage the emergence of the device operation. And of course at an affordable price, too. Therefore, always support the development of technology for our lives will also be more prosperous.