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storage media


Each computer would have to have a media to store data or information. Computer storage media or computer memory is also called a reference to the computer device, computer storage media and the components inside the computer itself in the form of semiconductor-based storage media. Storage media is absolute is in every computer. Basically, the processing or the operation of the data, a computer needs processor or central processing unit to perform all calculations and control any other components. However, after going through data processing, data would need to be saved. Therefore, computer data storage is critical. The two components are the basis of a computer. In addition there is another component that functions as a supporting performance of the components contained in the computer so the computer can be operated.

In general, memory and storage of computer data, there are two types, namely the main memory or internal memory that is usually found in the body’s own computer and connected directly with the CPU and the secondary memory or external memory that can not be associated directly with the CPU.

1.       Primary Storage (Internal Memory)

As explained above, the primary storage or internal memory may be associated directly with the CPU. Both in reading the data to be processed and in terms of data storage. The internal memory is commonly known as Random Access Memory, or also called RAM. There are 2 sub-layers in the main storage, namely:

a.       Processor registers, located inside the processor.
This layer serves instruct the arithmetic and logic unit to perform various calculations or other

b.      Processor Cache
Is an intermediate stage between ultra-fast registers and main memory.

2.       Secondary Storage (External Memory)

External memory can not be associated directly with the CPU and requires a channel input / output in order to connect and transfer data from internal memory. External memory has several advantages, among others, the price is relatively cheaper, external memory will not lose data when devices are turned off, the capacity is usually larger, and can store data for longer. Examples of external memory or secondary storage:

a.       Hard disk drives

In modern computer hard disk included in the external memory using a USB or FireWire. This hard drive is a hardware component that stores the secondary data. This component contains magnetic discs to store data. Along with technological development, now the hard disk becomes thinner and smaller, but the accommodation is very big.

b.      Optical Storage

Included in optical st

orage such as CD ROM and DVD drives. Storage has access to longer if compared with disk drives.
CD ROM is read only (only can read, can not be written over and over again). To be able to read the contents of the CD ROM, the main component required is a CD Drive. In its development, CD ROM can now be written over and over again (Re Write / RW), better known as CD-RW.
In contrast to CD ROMs, DVDs have a much greater capacity is reached 8-9 GB whereas ordinary CD ROM only reached 700MB.

c.       Flash Memory

Flash memory is a chip that can be used to store data or erase existing data in it. Flash memory is commonly used in USB flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras.

d.      Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape storage media is the oldest. A magnetic tape cartridge can store up to 35TB of data without compression. Therefore, a magnetic tape data storage media which too expensive and rarely used.

e.      Floppy Disk

Floppy disk capacity is declining, that is for floppy disks 5.25 “capacity is 360 Kbytes (for DD) and 1.2 Mbytes (for HD). While the floppy disk 3.5 “capacity is 720 Kbytes (for DD) and for HD). Floppy disks can only save the text because of limitations in capacity. However, writing can be done repeatedly. Unlike the Zip drive, floppy device consists of a special floppy drives and cartridges, which can accommodate until nearly 100MB of data.

f.        Etc.

In addition to internal memory and external memory, there is still a tertiary memory. This memory usually involves a robotic mechanism and storage media that can be converted to storage media in accordance with the demands of the system, usually the data copied to external memory before being processed. Therefore, these storage media are rarely used and usually only used to archive information that is rarely used because of the tertiary memory data access is much slower when compared with secondary memory / external memory.

From the explanation which I have described above, in my opinion the best storage media and is suitable for a student that is flash or flash. Along with the advance of technology has many kinds of flash that is emerging. Various brands, sizes, shapes, and even a variety of prices from the cheapest to the most expensive there. But it is also not separated from the more sophisticated the product is removed.

Flash is a data storage device included in the NAND type flash memory using an integrated USB connector cable.

Although the capacity of flash memory capacity is not as big an external hard drive, but flash memory tends to be preferred. That is because the price of flash memory is more oblique, but depending on the brand, capacity and transfer speeds of flash memory, especially flash itself. The more popular brand, the greater the capacity, and the faster data transfer would be more expensive price. For example, SanDisk’s flash-Ducati that offers high transfer speeds, but the price can be up to 4 times the regular flash.

In addition there are several reasons why I think that the flash memory, especially flash is the most good. The reasons include:

1.       Easy to operate.

Excellence flash that can write and erase without the need for other tools is the main reason I chose this flash. When compared with the CD / DVD which still require a CD ROM / DVD RW for the storage of the flash is far more practical.

2.       Portability

The size and shape of the flash that a variety of flash can be an alternative selection. Flash is designed not only as a store of data, but also for comfort and ease of use. Small size and shape of diverse it will allow us to take him.

3.       The relatively fast transfer speeds

As I say above, various flash memory companies especially companies are now competing to offer the product with the facilities that better or the best on speed data transfer, not even half-training while also satisfying the read speed of 30MB / s and write speed of 25 Mb / s even more from it. For example, the flash A Data PD7, reading speed up to 33MB / s.

4.       Capacity large enough

Although when compared with an external hard drive flash still lost in terms of capacity, but this should not discourage fans of the flash. The capacity of the flash that started from 64 megabytes up to 512 gigabytes of data can accommodate a lot of what we need during the course. Not big enough. The amount of media capacity is dependent on flash memory technology used.

5.       The form is a variety

Unique form of flash-unique course the main attraction. We can choose the flash with a shape as we want. Even now there are also flash with a doll. Of course it will attract the girls to have them.

6.       Can facilitate data transfer from computer to computer

With good transfer rates and large capacity, flash can facilitate the transfer of data.

Although flash has banyk advantage, but the flash also has many weaknesses. These weaknesses include:

1.       Age short data storage

Age of data storage flash drive or flash is only about 5 years. When compared with the old hard drive storage can be up to 12 years or CD / DVDs that hold up to 15 years with proper storage processes and supported a high quality flash drive or flash would still miss.

2.       Susceptible to virus

Easy operation of the flash and can be directly related easily with all computer certainly this will be a soft target in the spread of the virus. In addition, the lack of virus protection on the flash to make the virus easily replicate itself into the flash and spread it to other computers.


The Impact of Information Technology


information teknology

In this paper first I will explain what is information technology itself. Information technology is a form of human engineering to facilitate the delivery of any information from the giver to the recipient information by using the help of tools such as cellphones, computers, PDAs, television, etc., so the information can be received by the recipient.

Information technology has a lot of influence in the daily lives, for example in education, government, healthcare and others. But this influence is not entirely a positive influence. Many of them are also negative effects. But it all depends on us how to use it.

First I will explain what a positive impact of information technology. In the world of information technology education can help students in the process of tasks from teachers / lecturers. In addition, the materials no longer have to use books, materials can be accessed on the internet. Thus, we will be more efficient because it does not need much spending money to buy a textbook, our science is also increasing.

One type of information technology are now widely used by all circles of society that is the internet. Almost everyone uses the Internet. Whether for entertainment, find the money to seek acquaintance. Through the internet then our job becomes easier because almost all information can be accessed via the internet Internet is only a medium of communication that helps in the process of a task. Not to be copied and paste. So we should be able to use it in the positive. Do not let the title we will be revoked for committing plagiarism activities.

Information technology can also provide entertainment for us. For example, after a full day’s work of course we need the entertainment. One of the things we can do is play games online. Thus, the saturation of the lessons we will be lost. In addition to entertainment in terms of information technology can also strengthen kinship. Example, we all would have been familiar with social networking site facebook. Through our facebook can communicate with siblings, relatives, or friends who are far away from us directly as well connecting by facebook chat.

Therefore, I would like to thank the information technology that has helped me a lot.

If there is a positive influence there must be a negative influence. If we are addicted to information technology such as online gaming or chatting, then we can sit for hours in front of the screen. This is certainly a bad impact on our health. During that our bodies do not move and lack of exercise. We’re going to feel aches and pains. It is also my feeling. When I playing a game, I spent many time and forget what should I do in that time. In fact, sometimes I forget to do the work that should be done.

Besides that I mentioned above, there are many more positive and negative effects of information technology. But back to our own self how to use it.