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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is freeware  to provides the fastest possible download speed, and includes comprehensive privacy and file management tools.
DAP has been updated to provide the best overall performance and now features a power channel for consistent downloading, fully featured Firefox integration, and a plug-in for the 64-bit Internet Explorer browser.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) adalah freeware yang menyediakan kecepatan download tercepat mungkin, dan termasuk privasi yang komprehensif dan alat manajemen file.
DAP telah diperbarui untuk memberikan kinerja terbaik secara keseluruhan dan sekarang memiliki saluran listrik untuk download konsisten, penuh fiturintegrasi Firefox, dan plug-in untuk browser Explorer 64-bit Internet.



Download Speed

Download files as fast as possible:
  • Proven – Advanced patented technology
  • Trusted – Over 265 million installs (users)
  • Recognized – World Economic Forum 2008 Technology Pioneer
Automatic Mirroring Speed Boost

  • Search for the fastest download sources
  • Switch to faster mirror sites while downloading
Download Security

  • Download safer as you see what the leading security
  • programs say about your files
Pause & Resume

  • Continue broken or paused downloads
Video Preview

  • Watch previews of videos as they download
For Download click here size [7,13 MB]


Source Website http://www.speedbit.com