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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012


AVG Antivirus Free Edition is the most popular antivirus program in these days. The market for antivirus software is huge and the battle is very hard. AVG (Anti Virus Grisoft) is powerfully, fast and have antivirus definitions made daily by Grisoft team. You do not have used it until now? Install free edition and see how will protects your computer.

Key features:
  •  100% virus detection. AVG Antivirus scan engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection vredonostnogo package, including the VB100%. The unique combination of detection methods of AVG provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans.
  • 100% protection against spyware (spyware). AVG is not only the search capabilities of spyware and keyloggers in the files and archive files, and search capabilities hidden keys in the registry.
  • •Detection AVG scanner monitors the calls to the file system and produces double-check files when accessing them, allowing you to build another layer of protection from the infected files.
  • •Postage protection. AVG scans all email traffic, and connects to the mail clients such as: MS Outlook, The bat!, Eudora, and other SMTP/POP3 mail clients such as Outlook Express. Also supported by checking SSL-traffic.
  • •Anti-spam and phishing filters. Each letter, entering a mailbox that is checked by means of signature databases are updated every minute.
  • •Monitoring network connections. With built-in firewall AVG scans all incoming and outgoing connection requests from the computer, prevent network attacks on computer and network activity for the Trojans.
  • •Powerful scheduling. AVG automatically provides a daily schedule for scanning and updating, and will give you the opportunity to create their own scheduled events.
  •  Supports 23 languages.
Tutorial How to Install AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012

For Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012

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