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Notepad ++ [Recommended For A Programmer]

Notepad + + adalah editor sumber bebas dan pengganti Notepad dengan sintaks (direkomendasikan untuk seorang programmer).Notepad + + adalah gratis (seperti dalam “mimbar bebas” dan juga seperti dalam “bir gratis”) editor kode sumber dan pengganti Notepad yang mendukung beberapa bahasa. Berjalan di lingkungan MS Windows, penggunaannya diatur oleh Lisensi GPL.

Notepad++ is a free source editor and Notepad replacement with the syntax highlighting (recommended for a programmer). Notepad++ is a free (as in “free speech” and also as in “free beer”) source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License.

It also gives the extra functionality to the general user: colorize the user defined words. You can print your source code in color (or whatever you want) if you have a color printer (WYSIWYG). Furthermore, Notepad++ includes the multi-view feature, which allows the user to edit the different documents at the same time, and even edit the same document synchronously in 2 different views.

Notepad++ supports drag and drop: not only you can drop the file from explorer to open it, but also you can drag and drop a document from a view to another. With all the functionalities, Notepad++ runs as fast as Notepad provided by MS Windows.


  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  • User Language Defined System
  • Tabed document and Multi-View
  • More than 50 languages supported
  • Full Drag ‘N’ Drop supported
  • Macro recording and playback
  • Extensible with its plugin system

What´s New in version 5.9.8:

  • Add drag and drop capacity in Project Manager (only inside of Project Manager).
  • Add ‘Move Up’ (Ctrl+Up) and ‘Move Down’ (Ctrl+Down) commands in Project Panel.
  • Edit Zone border can be customizable via ‘Editing’ tab of Preferences dialog.
  • Fix an aesthetic problem in incremental search bar.
  • Fix ‘Save all’ GUI bug.
  • Make plugins in ”APPDATA’Notepad++plugins´ override les plugins in Notepad++ installation directory. (Plugins loading from ‘APPDATA’Notepad++plugins is enabled only if ‘NPP_INSTALLED_DIRNotepad++allowAppDataPlugins.xml’ is present)


For Download Click Here size [5.38 Mb]

source http://notepad-plus-plus.org/


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