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Anti-NetCut 3.0

Anti NetCut is a free and useful program that prevents Internet disconnection caused by netcut and Similar programs. Anti Netcut promises to guard your Internet connection when you’re assaulted by NetCut, Arp Spoofer or ARP spoofing weapons that might after all disconnect the machine from the web.
Use of netcut quite simple, just select the IP / Hostname / Mac Address client who wants to decide the connection and click the cut-off. User connections will be disconnected from the server until we liberate it from netcut by clicking Resume or change its IP address.

Feature :
· Automatic start with windows.
· Working in system tray all the time.
· Display and log who is trying to cut your connection.


Why Anti netcut 3?

1.No internet disconnection any more.
2.New enhanced anti spoofing techniques.
3. Starts with operating system , you don’t have to run every time turning on your PC.
4. Know and log who is cutting your connection.
5.Protects your online Privacy.

How to configure Anti NetCut 3 to protect your network connection:

1.After installing Anti NetCut 3 on your PC , Application will launch automatically as show in figure (1).

Figure (1)

2.Click on Select network adapter to protect button to select the network adapter you want to protect.

3. Select Network adapter (If you have more than one adapter select the one you are using to access internet connection) and click OK.

4.Make sure that Gateway IP is true or you can change it if needed.

5. Click on Detect Gateway MAC address button.

6. Select Gateway MAC address and click OK.

7. Click OK in Anti NetCut 3 settings window.

8. Anti NetCut 3 will work in the system tray to detect spoofing and keep your connection up.

For download anti-netcut 3.0 size [1,4 Mb]

click here


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