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database or databases are often spelled, is a collection of information stored in the computer in a systematic way so that it can be checked using a computer program to obtain information from the database.

How does the database with the database system by using the computer? This is the same as databases that are manually (eg phone book) it’s just that with computers, the information in the database would be very easy to be updated and very fast to search. Software or applications that are responsible for managing, storing, modifying the data referred to by the database engine software and is more formally called a DBMS (Database Management System).
example of the application database engine such as:

SQL Server, created by Microsoft.
MS Access, created by Microsoft.
Oracle Database, created by Oracle.
MySQL, created by MySQL AB.
Firebird, made by the open source community under the InterBase code.
PostgreSQL, created by the open source community.
DB2, made by IBM.

Inventory system, would require a database to store inventory data, including updating inventory data and so forth.
The example above is only a fraction of applications that require a database because of the fact that all business activities that would require computerized database system as storage media. The database is only used to store transaction data will also be used to view reports that can be used by management as a source for decision making. For a more sophisticated database system has even now there are data analysis facilities so that it can predict which situation will occur based on existing data.

What we discuss here is how important the role of databases in the field of computer service. We know that the role of the database is very important to us. Judging from the database function is to store data. In everyday life, the use of the database very often we meet, be it in supermarkets, where computer services, and others. Let us discuss the problem of how important databases in the field of computer service. We know that in the computer service is not simply to do or fix the computer but also sell the goods if necessary for people who come to service the computer. Well, here is where the importance of databases in the field of computer service. Database on the computer is generally the same service with a database at the supermarket that is used to analyze a product that has been sold. For example, if the database shows the sales of goods increased dramatically, then the manager can set up a target or a plan for his company’s success, for example by adding items that sold most of the period of 1 week and others.

Well, now what happens if the database is not enforced?
It could if a computer service shop does not use a database on the system works, that is by using the guest book and using written notes and collected every time a transaction. Guest book is used to calculate how many customers who come every day. while the note is used to analyze how the amount of goods sold and what items are most preferred by customers.
Indeed, if not using the database will be difficult and too complicated and time-consuming. But that is the way laen if something does not allow the managers to use the database.

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