• Tabung vakum vs transistor
    • Tabung vakum adalah gerbang logika asli komputer
    • Mereka tampak seprti bola lampu,yang panas,dan terbakar seprti meraka terlalu
  • Transistor vs Sirkuit terpadu
    • Bandingkan 45 £ 1955’s “portabel” Tv berwarna untuk 7 ons hari ini casio TV berwarna 2,3 inci
    • Satu sirkuit terintegrasi berisi ribuan transistor
  • Semikonduktor
    • Bahan yang listrik properti menengah antara konduktor yang baik dan nonconductor listrik
    • Sempurna substrat untuk sirkuit overlay kompleks pada
    • Microchip yang dibuat dari semikonduktor
    • Mengandung jutaan sirkuit terpadu microminiature
  • Mikroprosesor
    • Sirkuit miniatur dari seluruh prosesor komputer pada satu chip

    • Berisi CPU, yang proses data

  • Mikrokontroler atau Komputer Embedded
    • Sebuah mikroprosesor yang dimodifikasi untuk digunakan dalam mesin komputer
  • Skema coding biner menetapkan kode biner yg unik untuk setiap huruf
    • EBCDIC
      • Membutuhkan 8 bit per karakter
      • Di gunakan untuk mainframe IBM
    • ASCII
      • membutuhkan 7 atau 8 bit per karakter,tergantun pada versi
      • Di gunakan untuk pc
    • Unicode
      • Membutuhkan 16 bit per karakter
      • menangani 65.536 karakter

Jenis jenis Port

Ada beberapa macam jenis port yg di gunakan,antara lain

firewire:Di tujukan untuk perangkat bekerja dengan banyak data

gunanya untuk camcorder,DVD player

MIDI:Alat musik Digital InterFace

gunanya untuk merekam,membuat,mengedit,pertunjukan musik

IrDA (Inframerah data asosiasi):digunakan untuk membuat sambungan cableles

Bluetooth:menggunakan jarak pendek gelomabang radio yang mengirimkan sampai dengan 30 ft

Jenis jenis Port CPU/Penghubung

CPU mempunyai macam macam kabel penghubung pada CPU yaitu

Serial Port:digunakan untuk mengie\rimkan data memperlambat jarak jauh

prosesnya yaitu mengirimkan data secara berurutan

Paralel Port:Untuk transmisi data yang cepat jarak pendek

SCSI Port:InterFace sintem komputer

Tujuan USB

a.Menjadikan lebih murahg

b.Akan dapt terhubung banyakperangkat

Jenis jenis RAM

1.DRAM (Dynamic RAM) harus terus menerus disegarkan oeh CPU atau kehilangan isinya

2.SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM)


4.DDR-SDRAM,Dobel-data rate


6.FPM,cepat jenis modus halaman]

7.EDO,diperpanjang keluaran data

8.DIMM,Dual inline memory modul

Jenis jenis Penyimpanan



3.Optik disk

4.Data Perekam suara

5.Smart Card

6.Flash Memory

NAMA :Rihandiko Hari R

NIM :105060807111038


interesting facts about the internet

1.American society access the media on web pages than other information.
2.There are 3 million images uploaded to flickr each day which is sufficient to meet the 375 000 page photo album
3.elementary school children now prefer to linger longer play online games than on learning.
indeed the Internet can be addictive
4.70% active facebook users are from outside the U.S.. And facebook is a site originally dedicated to the Harvard University.
5.There are 250 Billion emails sent each day throughout the world, where 200 billion of which are spam emails / unwanted emails.
6.During the year 2009, Indonesia is a country with the highest growth in the world for new users of Google.


Often abbreviated as IT (Information Technology), IT (Information Technology), or Infotech. Indonesian Language is called information technology or also known as telematics. Quite many definitions of this term, such as presented by Williams and Sawyer (2003). Information Technology is a technology that combines computing (computer) with communication channels carrying data, voice or video. This information technology subsystems of the system information (Information system). Especially in a technological point of view reviews.
almost everyone has known IT and in need of all. until now IT is also located in each house of the people. at school, university or office now nearly all of which use IT to facilitate learning and working most tools-use goods IT, for example mobile phones, digital watches, calculators, elevator and many more.IT also had a positive or negative to the positive user.Impact other information technology for example in the field of health services. Health institutions using information technology to provide an integrated service from patient registration to the billing system that can be viewed via the internet. Another example is the emergence of a poll or community service in the form of SMS (Short Message Service). On development, the human person was also able to take advantage of this technological sophistication. For example mobile phone, if the individual had personally still difficult to use the phone because his supporters are still costly devices before, but now mobile phones as the product of information and communication technologies has become a common product, which is not only used to support the business activities of the owner, but has become part of the lifestyle (life-style). Even at this elementary school children had been carrying mobile phones, so phones are not cheap anymore. Citing one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers slogan, “Connecting People”, turned out to be true. Kian’s easy to connect with others.

Almost all have been familiar with IT and are crucial for adults and parent.until currently IT is also spread throughout the world, even in every home, in schools, universities and offices, which may facilitate IT jobprinted goods eg mobile phone, hours digital, computer, calculator, elevators and more.
IT also can be positive or negative influences impact.
The positive impact of information technology in the field of health services. Health institutions using information technology to provide an integrated service from patient registration to the billing system is biased options via the internet. Another example is emergence of a poll or community service in the form of SMS.
The Internet also can provide insight into a broad or important information that we do not yet know, the Internet can also be entertainment such as browsing, downloading or chatting. And almost at the university, schools and offices can quickly access the Internet that can petrify a job.
entertainment can also By now appear online game that are in enjoy doing gamers are lazy and addicted to negative in the world
Negative impact can cause a sense of laziness in learning or play, forgetting time and can damage the brain through a radiation monitor.
The Internet also can cause negative, biased person getting bad information or that do not proper.in IT equipment such as TV, computer or other disadvantages can also be viewed from the electric bills, electricity used will need to fund a lot too. With that advantage with his best.
The role of parents is important for children who use the internet. Keep in loss explain what the benefits and the internet.

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