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Anyone who uses this operating system can edit videos or photos using the Video Bokeh application for Android users. The beginning of the popularity of the bokeh effect was marked by the emergence of smartphones that used two cameras.

So far, this effect has been widely used by content creators on various social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and others. Videos with bokeh effects are usually used for commercial purposes and to fill social media feeds.

Video bokeh function

Bokeh is one of the most popular subjects in photography. The ability of this effect to make photos that are visually appealing is the main reason people can focus on the main subject of the photo.

Usually the bokeh effect is used by videographers in an advertisement for a product or important event, etc. If you are still confused about the bokeh effect, you can watch professional wedding documentary videos that mainly use the bokeh effect.

Now that we understand what is meant by bokeh as a technique in the world of photography, we will discuss what the bokeh effect looks like on video. There are several ways videos can create a bokeh effect, among others.

With the right lens

Set the camera to AV mode

Choose a background that matches the subject of the video

Make a gap between the subject in the photo and the background

Choose the right color so that the bokeh effect can be seen between objects

Even though it requires certain lens specifications, bokeh videos can also be made using a smartphone. Some smartphones even offer functions for the bokeh effect in standard applications from the manufacturer.

For satisfying and aesthetic results, of course, using third-party applications is the solution. With interesting features that can be integrated with several social media are the advantages of the bokeh video application.

Recommended bokeh video application

The popularity of the bokeh effect used for editing videos also makes the existence of video editing applications with bokeh effects more common. The positive effect is that smartphone users have more choices.

For Android operating system users, you can easily buy tens to hundreds of video editing apps to add bokeh effects. It must be a little hard to choose, right? Here are some recommendations for use that you can use to edit videos with a bokeh effect.


Filmora is an application for making videos with a bokeh effect which is quite famous. However, this app only supports Windows and iOS users. Even though Filmora is limited to only two platforms, it offers interesting features overall.

Apart from functional issues, Filmora also has a neat menu layout making it easier for users. Whether you are a professional videographer or just learning to edit videos, you will definitely have no problem using Filmora. Filmora’s full features, among others

Has various built-in tools for editing videos including trimming and trimming functions.

Can be used to add overlays and watermarks

Supports various video file formats such as AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV and FLV

Can export live videos to various social media platforms

Cinema FV Lite 5

Cinema Fv Lite 5 is a professional videography app specially designed for mobile phones. As a result, you can edit videos and get bokeh effects with just one application. Android or iOS users can enjoy the following luxurious and complete features

You can set various sensor parameters including exposure compensation, ISO, focus mode and white balance

Focus adjustment while recording. Can lock focus automatically before recording video and also while recording.

It is equipped with a viewfinder with 10 compositing grids and 10 cropping guides

Uses the latest video camera viewfinder technology, including live RGB and exposure histograms.

Provides sound metering option by showing audio peaks and clipping warnings while recording

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