The development of the IT world so rapidly has brought tremendous benefits for the progress of civilization of mankind. The types of jobs that previously required substantial physical capabilities, is now relatively device can be replaced by automated machines. Brief words, IT progress we have achieved today has really recognized and felt to give a lot of convenience and comfort for human life.
For society now, IT has become a liability. Development of IT is considered as the solution of existing problems. IT is believed would give mankind health, happiness and ease. IT Contribution to civilization and human welfare can not be denied. But man can not deceive ourselves also to the fact that IT will bring disaster and misery for mankind. In modern civilization there is, too often people do not care about the negative impact of IT on human life.Even if IT is able to reveal all the secret veil of nature and life, does not mean that IT is synonymous with truth. Because IT is only capable of displaying a reality.
Positive and negative impacts of technological developments in my opinion be seen from various fields   :

1. Field Information and communication
In the field of information and communication advances have occurred very rapidly. Of progress can we feel the positive impacts include  :
a. We will more quickly get accurate information and the latest in the world anywhere via the internet
b. We can communicate with friends, or family that is very far just by via mobile phone
c. We get bank services very easily

Besides the benefits we derive the progress of technological progress apparently is being used also for negative things, among others  :
a. Utilization of communication services by terrorist networks
b. Use of certain information and certain sites on the Internet that could have misused certain parties for certain purposes
c. Confidentiality of test kits are threatened
Through the internet we can get information about psychological tests, and even psychological testing services can be obtained directly from the Internet.
d. Technology anxiety
In addition there are small scale due to the anxiety of computer technology. Damage to computer due to virus infection, loss of important files in a computer here are some examples of stress that occur because of technology. Damage to the internet because the modem was struck by lightning.

2. Economy and Industry
In the economic field of technology is growing very rapidly. Of technological advances can we feel the positive benefits include  :
a. Higher economic growth
b. The occurrence of industrialization
c. Industrial world is increasing productivity
d. Competition in the world of work that requires workers to always add to the skill and knowledge.
e. In the field of medical and economic progress were able to make medical products become commodities

Nevertheless there are also negative effects, among others  :
a. occurrence of unemployment for workers who do not have the qualifications required in accordance with
b. Consumptive properties as a result of intense competition in the era of globalization will also generate a morally generation decline: consumerism, extravagant and have a mental shortcut that instant.

3. Social and Cultural Sector
Due to advances in technology we can see  :
a. Personality differences in men and women.
Many experts now argue that the greater portion of women who hold positions as leaders, both inside the government and the business world. Even a change of behavior toward behavior had previously been an increasingly prominent man’s job.
b. Increased confidence
Economic progress in countries of Asia gave birth to an interesting phenomenon. Development and economic progress has increased the confidence and resilience of ourselves as a nation is getting stronger. Western nations can no longer harass the nations of Asia.
c. Pressure, sharp competition in various aspects of life as a consequence of globalization, will give birth to generations of disciplined, diligent and hardworking

However technological advances will affect negatively on the cultural aspects  :
a. Moral decline among community members, especially among teenagers and students. Progress of economic life that too much emphasis on the effort to fulfill a variety of material desires, has caused many citizens to be rich in content but poor in spirit.
b. Delinquency and deviant acts among teenagers increased the weak authority of the traditions that exist in society, such as mutual assistance and mutual help have been weakening the forces that play an important role in creating social unity. As a result of information can be viewed together, delinquency and deviant acts among teenagers and students is increasing in its various forms, such as fights, graffiti, traffic violations to crimes.
c. Pattern of interaction between people who change
The presence of computers in most middle class households to the top has changed the pattern of family interaction. Connected computer with a phone has opened up opportunities for anyone to get in touch with the outside world. Internet programs have made people preoccupied with his own life. Besides the availability of internet cafes have been provided opportunities to many people who do not have their own computers and internet channel to communicate with others via the internet. A growing number of people who spend time alone with the computer.

4. Education Sector
Technology has a vital role in education, among others  :
a. The emergence of mass media, especially electronic media as a source of science and education center. The impact of this is the teacher rather than the sole source of knowledge.
b. The emergence of methods of learning a new one, which allows students and teachers in the learning process. With technological advances created new methods that make students able to understand the material previously difficult to comprehend.
c. Learning systems do not have to go through face to face
With technological advances the learning process does not have to bring together students and teachers, but can also use internet services and others.

Besides, it also appeared negative impact in the education process, among others  :
a. Confidentiality of test questions increasingly threatened
b. Abuse of knowledge for certain people for committing a crime.
We know that progress in the field of education also scored highly knowledgeable generation but have low morale. For example with computer science is high then people will try to break through the banking system and others.

5. Politics
a. The emergence of new middle class
Technology and economic growth in this area will encourage the emergence of new middle class. Abilities, skills, and their lifestyle is not much different from the middle class in the country-Western countries.
b. Regeneration process of leadership.
Of course this transition will affect generations of leadership in style and political substance that is applied.
c. In the field of international politics, there is also a tendency to grow the development of regionalism. Progress in the field of communications technology has resulted in awareness of regionalism. Coupled with advances in transportation technology have led to increased awareness. Awareness that will manifest in the field of economic cooperation, so that regionalism will give birth to a new economic power.

Those are some positive and negative impacts of technological developments in life and in ourselves can I describe although not too much. Thank you.


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