City Park Standard and Malang City Park

World City Park Standard

City park is a form of green open space purposed to the citizens in vicinity. They can harness the existence of the city park on their town to do certain activities that are believed to relieve their stress level after spending many hours in working and studying, such as jogging, slow-running, walking around, and other sports that use sport tools like badminton. To build a city park, there is some prequisities that needs to be done in order to establish a true city park with all functions working in it.

First prequisities is about City Park Wide. Refers to National Recreation Association, city park wide must reach 1 are per  800 citizen. That means, a person could get 7 to 11,5 m² wide for space in city park design. The space requirement is important aspect for citizen, because to do some activities, of course they will need some free space.

Second prequisities is about Public Access or Accessibility. The placement of City Park should be built in place where most citizen can easily access to the city park with only minor time and effort to reach it. Third prequisities is about Features. Features includes active and passive features. The active one consists of swimming pool, bike track, jogging track, and space for doing sports like tennis court, small football court, etc, while the passive one consists of Public telephone, garbage bin, sitting area, etc.

Another prequisities necessary  that the city park must fulfill is the 4E aspect, they are Education, Economy, Ecology, and Estethic. Education refers to what elements inside the city park that would give something educational, informational to the visitor. Economy refers to the fund that can be made from visitor when they visited the city park, usually visitor paid a small amount of money as retribution to organize maintenance of city park everyday. Ecology refers to the function of the city park itself as water absorbtion area which help absorbs amount of water to infiltrate through the soil into the soil water duct. Other ecological function is the city park must also play its role as a City’s Lungs, which helps refresh polluted air in vicinity. Esthetic refers to the beauty element of city park that could attract visitor attention, such as fountain, array of beautiful colored flowers and other interesting objects, so they could give a sweet impression to the visitor and makes them happy to visit the city park again oftenly

About Malang City Park ( Malang Town Square, not MATOS Mall xD )

The overall design of this Malang City Park is awesome! It has a fountain which is active at certain hour just right in the middle of the park. It is purposed to be main gathering place of all citizens that visits Malang Town Square. At mid day (12am to 1pm) I saw a splendid show of fountain that launch a 10-15 feet of water, which also cooled down the vicinity near the fountain. As author, I experienced this cooling effect when the water cannon launched out by fountain, when I’m intentionally get closer to it. Ahh, really feels like in heaven for a few second in the middle of sparkling-hot hell!

(Sadly i can’t take a shot at the time the fountain launched its ‘attack’ T.T)

There is another feature that i really can’t miss! Yes, it’s the pigeons! They are such beautiful creature that scatterred around the fountain, and sometime they flied into the fountain to empower the fountain beautifulness. And you know what? The existence of pigeons really gives such European city park impression, so i feels like in Europe when i’m getting surrounded with pigeons.

Group of beautiful, attracting color flowers also scattered around  the Malang Town Square. They are the important object that must-be-planted and one fixed requirement to be called City Park in such space, because flowers gives its unique, irreplaceable view and spirit of the City Park. One said, seeing a group of flower, preferrably a colorful flower can relieve and reduce stress, pressure level that being experienced by people, and i’m seeing this as true fact. When i entered the Malang Town Square, what i saw first is an array of beautiful flowers that greet me with ‘warm and hospitality’ . Guess what, i’m like paralyzed a few second and do nothing except staring at those beautiful flowers, and i’m feels like my problem and other issues of life that are lurking inside my brain is gradually gone.

Looking for a place to hide from a Mighty-Hot Sun Ray at mid day? Don’t worry, this awesome park provide this cover for you! Yes, there are several cover spots that usually being a place for people who want to sit, enjoying view of Malang Town Square, view of fountain from medium distance, and also gathering place of merchant that sells snacks and some kid’s toys. Transaction between visitors and merchants often happened in this cover area.

Alun-Alun Malang Surroundings

Malang town square  is  surrounded by a-lot-visited buildings, such as Jami’ Mosque, Sarinah Mall, Ramayana, and famous market place hence the name is Pasar Besar. These surroundings is obviously recorded highly activities of people everyday, so, the existence of Malang Town Square  is just right. It offers a place to grab some relaxation, a place to do another activities that relieves and at least reduce the stress and pressure of people that runs their activities in many hours. For youngsters, when they are bored of circling around the Sarinah Mall and Ramayana with their friends after school, they can just directly go to Malang Town Square and feels the real sensation of relax, inhale the fresh air that produced by nearby trees and other vegetation inside. For those who are done with their prayer at Jami’ Mosque, they can also take a walk at Malang Town Square to give more relaxation and enjoy the view of Jami’ Mosque from inside the park.

Activities of Citizens


At morning, there is just a few visitors, and some of them just sitting around the park, while the other are doing a light sport such as badminton, jogging, etc. I saw a girl caught in playing her handphone in the middle of silentness around her, and a parents who took their children to take a walk around the park. Trading activities also just started at this time inside the park.

Mid Day

Visitor number increased as the day goes into mid day. A lot of people visit Malang Town Square to relax after they doing their activities outside, and some of them are taking their children. At this time, trading activities rises as the number of visitor increased. I also heard a street musician singing around the park and beg for money to the visitors, and some children looks happy feeding the starving pigeons scattered in front of the fountain.


At night, people activities rises ( i think it rises around 1.3 times more than the mid day activities) because most visitors have done with their work. In this time, trading activities also rise and we can see another type of merchant that offer and sell another goods. People who have done with their prayer also gathering in front of another entrance of Malang Town Square which is in front of Jami’ Mosque and just chit-chat with fellow jemaat and they seems really enjoying their conversation.

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