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Menggambar Respon Frekuensi Band Pass Filter dan High Pass Filter di MATLAB



Sebagai anak elektro pasti ga asing lagi sama yang namanya software MATLAB. Software satu ini emang dikenal paling lengkap dan tepat untuk masalah simulasi, termasuk salah satunya adalah simulasi di bidang telekomunikasi. Kali ini yang akan saya bahas adalah cara untuk mensimulasikan filter jenis Band Pass Filter (BPF) dan High Pass Filter (HPF) pada MATLAB. Filter merupakan komponen paling vital dalam dunia telekomunikasi. Hampir semua pemroses sinyal pasti terdiri dari filter.

Materi ini saya dapatkan dari mata kuliah Elektronika Telekomunikasi oleh Bapak Ali Mustofa. Beliau mengajarkan tentang perancangan filter begitu pula dengan perhitungannya. Namun untuk filter sendiri secara lebih dalam dibahas pada mata kuliah Pengolahan Sinyal Digital. Langsung saja kita bahas script program MATLAB-nya:

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Making 4-Bit Adder/Substactor Circuit Using Livewire



I’m back to post another ‘electrical engineering stuff’. So, what I want to share today is my work from Praktikum Dasar Teknik Digital. Sebagai syarat untuk menempuh ‘jilid’ atau post test praktikum dari asisten, praktikan harus membuat suatu rangkaian digital. Temanya ditentukan dan kelompokku dapat ‘Kalkulator 4 Bit’.

Kalkulator ini fungsinya dibatasi hanya penjumlahan dan pengurangan saja. That’s why, I named it as ‘4-Bit Adder/Substactor’. Software yang digunakan adalah Livewire. Actually, it was my first time using livewire. But the software is pretty simple and easy to use. So far as I remembered, I didn’t get much trouble with this tool.

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Internship: DONE!



It’s been a week since my last post here. I’ve been little busy last week since I was so in a rush to finish my internship report. For you who didn’t know, I took internship program in PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk  Access Division STO Malang Kota. The program only last for a month (according to my campus rule), but practically we had shorter time than it should be because of lebaran holidays (yay!)

The internship program was for a group. My group consisted of Nilfa, Kalvin, and me. We had applied for this program since February (or March?) this year, but hasn’t got an answer until we went to the office ourselves on May. And finally, we got the official letter of confirmation on June.  And begin the program at the end of July.

The Human Resources Division put us on Access Division STO Malang Kota. It is located on Jl. Basuki Rachmad, near Alun-alun kota, beside the infamous Oen Cafe. This was not like I was hoping for, actually I wanted to be put on Telkom Blimbing, as it is the central office of Telkom in Malang. But that’s ok, it’s nearer from my home anyway :))

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Tentang LMDS dan MMDS


Today, I’m gonna share about one of technology in telecommunication that had been used over last decade ago. They were Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) and Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS). I’m gonna give to you my task from Broadband Communication subject. When I first heard them, I knew nothing and surprised by how popular they were before. I did my research from Broadband Telecommunication Handbook. Mr. Ali Mustofa gave the ebook for free to us.



This is a bit about LMDS and MMDS. Gonna post it in bahasa, guys 🙂

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Postingan kali ini pakai Bahasa Indonesia aja ya. Karena yang mau saya bagi juga dari tugas Bahasa Indonesia semester lalu. Jadi, waktu ambil Bahasa Indonesia kemarin ada tugas presentasi kelompok. Seperti biasa kelompoknya ama temen-temen telkom juga dan kami kebagaian topik tentang Rangkuman. 

Mungkin kedengerannya sepele, tapi susah juga lo jelasin tentang rangkuman. Apalagi membedakan rangkuman dengan ringkasan, intisari, dan teman-temannya. Terus ternyata ada juga rumus menghitung jumlah kata pada rangkuman. Penasaran? Yuk silakan diunduh file-nya berikut:


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A youtube star?


LOL no, JK! :p

But believe it or not, someone had called me that! Me? A youtube star? Haha. He must be watched my youtube videos I upload for antenna task by Mr. Rudy Yuwono. What? You haven’t see that? Glad you read this post because I’ll share my tutorial videos here. So check that out 🙂


Another one,


No offense, enjoy!

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Mickey Mouse-shaped Antenna?


What’s on your mind when you first hearing about antenna? I bet most of you would imagine this kind of antenna right?



And you might familiar with this kind of antenna. The infamous ‘antena goceng’

Antena goceng


Not sure why they named it as antena goceng. What I know so far that it’s not ‘goceng’ (five thousand) rupiah -_-

Alright, back to the topic. What I want to share you in this post is my last semester task from Antenna and Propagation subject. It was very tiring and effort taking task that takes not little time and money. I might sound exaggerating but that’s true. We’ve been doing this project for about three months starting April to July. And it needs money to do fabrication and measurement.

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Excuse Me :p


Gosh. It’s been nearly two months since my first and last post. I guess I made another promise that I can’t make .___.

The reason why I haven’t started this blog is none other than my lazyness *sigh* and my college stuffs. I take short courses *semester pendek*on July and just started my internship program in PT. Telkom Area Malang Kota. And there came Eid Al Fitri holiday.

I will share more about my internship on another post. And I’m planning to post my previous tasks and homeworks I have done before. But now, please excuse my excuse post, lol.

See ya!

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Selamat datang di Student Blogs. Ini adalah posting pertamaku!


The post above was not my original post. Someone from admin student blog UB made this for me. Now, let me do my proper first hello post :p


Welcome to my first ever student blog UB post. This is not my first time blogging since I’ve made some accounts here and there but none of that works because I was too lazy to post anything. But don’t worry cause I’ve made my mind this time to post anything here whenever I got chance. Well, that must be easy cause I’m practically having a lot of time currently. Wait, it’s not that I am a jobless person, it’s just I have plenty time to share my life with you guys hehe. Ok, nuff said.

For those who don’t know me, I bet most of you don’t, my name is Imee Ristika Rahmi Barani. A javanese girl live in Malang city, East Java, Indonesia. Currently an undergraduate student of Department of Electrical Engineering Brawijaya Univ. with the concentration in Telecommunication Engineering. You can find me on twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram with username meeristika. Feel free to contact me 🙂

I enjoy k-pop, k-drama, and k-variety shows. I like ‘Big Bang’. But that doesn’t mean I close my eyes for any other group cause I’m enjoying everything which suit my taste. I’m a ‘Running Man’ whore! I ship Monday Couple. I’m currently into ‘Dad Where Are You Going’ show *yoon hoo yaaa :3*.

Alright, I think I spoil too much for a first blog post. I leave some stuffs to share with you on another post. Just pray that I keep my promise to stay posting here. Haha ok, just kidding 😐

Thanks for reading.