By Langgeng Setyono
Business Administration

Morale is a rule or the way of life that is normative (set / binding) that have participated with us in line with the age in which we live (Amin Abdullah: 167), so the pressure point “moral” is a normative rules that need to be invested and intentionally preserved, either by family, educational, study, or other communities that intersect with the public.
Example: a child who likes to steal. This is caused by several factors both environmental and himself. In the example within Management Information Systems : A network analysis Perform actions on a website Hack

Ethics (Ancient Greek: “ethikos”, meaning “arising from habit”) is a thing where and how the main branch of philosophy that studies the value or quality of a study on standards and assessment morale. Ethics include analysis and application of concepts such as right, wrong, good, bad, and responsibility.
Example For example, when a child must use a Java tribes “krama inggil” Java language in communication with parents. Or a child who kissed the hands of his parents before traveling
In Management Information Systems  if a user does not misuse the data information system that he has such as selling the data.

Law is a compilation of the laws of life indicators and prohibitions governing order in a society, and should be adhered to by all members of the community are concerned, therefore, the life indicator breach can cause action by the government or by the superintendent.
Example in General: The law example policy 1945.Example In the information system : UU ITE No. 11 of 2008