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Impact of Information and Communication Technology

Posted by on September 21, 2010

Information Technology is a technology used for data processing, including processing, obtain, compile, store, manipulate data in various ways to produce quality information, that is information relevant, accurate and timely, which is used for personal purposes or groups. Roles that can be given by the application of information technology is to get information for your personal life such as information about health, hobbies, recreation, and spiritual. Then for professions such as science, technology, trade, business news, and jobs. The term information technology became popular in the late 70s. In the past the term information technology commonly called technology computer or electronic data processing (electronic data processing). Defined as information technology and processing technology dissemination of data using hardware (hardware) and software (software), computer, communications and digital electronics. Information and Communications Technology is an important element in life of nation and state. The role of information technology on human activity at this time was so big. Technology information has become the main facility for the activities of various sectors life which contributed greatly to the change fundamental changes in operations and management structure organization, education, transportation, health and research. Because of It is very important human resource capacity building (HR), ICT, ranging from the skills and knowledge, planning, operation, maintenance and supervision, and improvement ICT skills of leaders in government, education, companies, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and NGOs. So on will eventually produce output that is useful both for human beings as individuals themselves and for all sectors life. Learning technology had been developed seirng changes over time. In the implementation of the daily learning often found the combination of audio technology / data, video / data, audio / video, and Internet. The Internet is a communications tool cheap which enables the interaction between two people or more. Capabilities and characteristics of the Internet allows the distance learning process becomes more effective and efficient so it could get better results. Positive benefits that we can get from using this technology certainly many and varied. At the time HP was first introduced into society, was greeted with joy because their communications can be more easily. HP at the time it’s really the goal is only to facilitate communication, but we can see now almost every cell phone features a music player, which no other function is as an entertainer. There are still many other features offered by various mobile phone vendors, such as an interesting game, high-resolution camera, the shape of the weird, business card scanner, push email, wifi, until the material from the cell phone itself can be ordered by the purchaser.