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The Multifunction printer cheap and reliable Epson L360

Cheap HP Printer with all in one feature

Acer One 10 S1002 Specification And Review

The Best and Lightest Antivirus Solution

Great and cheap printers in this year

Best Printer Recommendations Price Under 1 Million

Best 7 antivirus 2019



Best Printer Recommendations Price Under 1 Million

Are you currently in need of a printer? Are looking for a suitable printer as needed but low prices ?, right exactly once you are on this page Because on this page you will be able to get the best printer recommendations for prices below 1 million. Very suitable for those of you who need a printer but a low budget. Here are the best printer recommendations for prices below 1 million.

The price of the HP Deskjet 1010 is priced at under 1 million and even below 500 rb which is around 400 thousand. Wow, cheap, right … !!! But cheap like this performance cannot be underestimated. Because this printer is able to handle all your printing affairs very well.

Especially in work, printing documents or your school assignments. Either in the form of printing black and white documents, color or photo printing. This HP Deskjet 1010 printer uses a maximum A4 paper size and can be operated on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

For those of you who need the best multifunction printer or all in one that can not only print but can also scan and photocopy, but at a cheap price or a printer priced below 1 million, the HP Deskjet 1510 All In One can be your choice. The price of this HP Deskjet 1510 All in One Printer is priced at Rp 650,000. The scan resolution used in this printer has a pretty good quality of 120 dpi. So the scanned document is not disappointing even though it’s cheap.

OKI B2200 printer does sound a little foreign, even many people do not know about the existence of this printer. OKI B2200 printer is one of the best laser printers at low prices on the market today. Although the price is cheap but the quality of the print or the print results have proven to be of high quality. Moreover, the OKI B2200 printer carries a laser printer so that the advantages and advantages compared to inkjet printers in general are document print speeds faster, better and more efficient ink expenditure.

But unfortunately this printer can only print mono documents or black and white documents only. Well if you need a printer to print the best black and white document, the OKI B2200 printer is the choice. You can get the best laser printer with a price range of 650,000.

One of the best and quality printer vendors is the Canon Printer. But can Canon sell the best printer at a price below 1 million? Anyway, of all the types of printers you need, Canon is available in full. If you need the best printer priced below 1 million canon printers, the choice of the printer is Canon iP2770 Driver Download. How much it costs? The price is cheap, which is around 670,000. Pas dikantong right in heart. Although the price is cheap but the printing results are very high quality.

Not only good at printing black and white documents, but also good for printing color documents. Even the superiority of Canon iP2770 Drivers printer is that it has the ability to print photos without borderless and is equipped with Fine Head Print technology that can help produce quality printing results.

Read more : Canon Pixma iP2770 Driver Download

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6 Good Printer Recommendations for Office and Home

The day by day needs and needs of the workplace are the equivalent as you should reestablish with the goal that you deteriorate. In the event that you as of now intend to search for new garments, remember to update your office supplies. All things considered, one of the workplace supplies that you should redesign is a printer.

In the event that the printer work was just as a device for printing records, the capacity presently turned out to be more different. With a printer, you can print archives, examine content and pictures, and even supplant the capacity of a copier to duplicate records. Every one of these capacities should be possible with just a single printer machine.

For those of you who are more confounded about finding a decent new printer in addition to not making a holey pack, here are a few proposals:

HP DeskJet 1112 Printer

Ease, best-in-class little deskjet printer

This sort of printer is reasonable for the need to print reports regular. Aside from the low cost, beneath 500 thousand, the execution did not baffle. The structure is likewise moderate, basic, and simple for capacity. This HP printer can print up to 20 pieces for each moment for high contrast archives and 16 sheets for each moment for hued reports.

HP makes this printer vitality effective so it gets EnergyStar accreditation, where you can print more reports with more productive power utilization contrasted with other comparable brand printers. This printer can be utilized specifically just with a straightforward establishment process. For similarity, this printer can be utilized with a PC or workstation with Windows and Mac working frameworks.

For printouts, you don’t have to question the capacity of the HP Deskjet 1112 that utilizations HP 803 cartridges. This refill cartridge is extraordinary for printing records and photographs, extremely appropriate for home, school and office needs.

L385 Epson Printer

Multifunction printers and scanners with wifi

On the off chance that you need a multifunction printer that can print, duplicate, and output reports, the Epson L385 is the correct answer. This printer gives extremely great highlights. Not exclusively would you be able to print, duplicate archives, and sweep, this printer is likewise outfitted with Wifi innovation that makes it simple for you to print reports.

You never again need to question the printouts of archives and photographs from this printer. As one of the real printer makers, obviously Epson gives the best in the printouts gave. For the print speed it achieves 13 ipm (picture every minutes) for highly contrasting and 15 ipm for shading, making this L385 printer trusted for office needs or the home print industry.

For sweep offices, this printer can filter 20 pieces with letter and A4 paper measure bolster. With respect to photocopying, this printer has a speed of 7.7 ipm for dark, and 3.3 ipm for shading. Combined with the presence of Contact Imagine Sensor innovation, influencing sweeps to end up significantly more keen. The output results have a goals of 1200 x 2400 dpi, and the sweep zone is 8.5 x 11.7 cm.

Fuji Xerox M115W

Shading laser fly printer with remote

Fuji Xerox discharged another age of printers with the sort M115W. This printer is a multifunction printer for printing, replicating, and filtering archives and additionally photographs. Another favorable position is likewise remote or wifi innovation that makes it simple for you to print records from PCs and PCs without being striking. The print speed achieves 20 ppm mono with a print goals of 1200 dpi HQ.

Canon Pixma MX497 printer

The best across the board printer for simple photograph printing from HP finish with bluetooth. The best across the board printer for simple photograph printing from HP finish with bluetooth

This printer conveys the across the board idea to print, duplicate, and output archives. Solid record

Canon iP2770 Drivers

The Canon ip2770 printer is outstanding amongst other offering brands available. The highlights and particulars of this printer are finished and appropriate for use by understudies, understudies, and office needs. Print speed, proficient outcomes, and reasonable cost. Get Driver Canon iP2770.

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Best 7 antivirus 2019

Best 7 antivirus 2019. Viruses have indeed become an acute problem, especially for those of you who have PC devices, aka computers or laptops. Moreover, various types of viruses including malware continue to develop. Of course we need an antidote that we know with antivirus.

Your computer or laptop is still vulnerable or is it infected with a virus? That means you haven’t used the right antivirus. Here follows Jaka review ten of the best antivirus for PC that you must have in 2018.

1. Avast Free Antivirus
Avast is one of the most popular antiviruses because it is proven to be able to ‘cure’ PCs from various malware to hacker attacks.

Some of the features in this antivirus include CyberCapture to clean threats, WiFi Inspector to secure WiFi networks, Smart Scan functions to detect security threats, Game Mode that regulates notifications and Behavior shield as application supervisor

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition
Not much different from Avast, antivirus which is the creation of a Romanian company also has various features that are effective in protecting computer and laptop devices from various viruses.

Bitfender’s features include On-demand scanning virus as a destroyer of all types of viruses (trojans, malware, ransomware, etc.), anti-phishing features to protect online accounts, behavioral detection to monitor applications and Anti-fraud to keep an eye on the sites you visit.

3. Avira Free Antivirus
So one of the oldest antiviruses, Avira has been around since 1986. Famous for its solid performance and good user interface, this antivirus is one of the most widely used PC or laptop users.

Available features include Protection Cloud for analyzing files, Browser Tracking Blockers to monitor browsing activities and PUA Shield which serves as an antidote to malicious applications or virus prone.

4. Kaspersky Free Antivirus
This Russian-made antivirus is also one of the most popular users of computers and laptops. Always successful in the ranks of the top ten antiviruses every year, Kaspersky is known for several reliable features such as web and email protection.

5. AVG Free Antivirus
AVG is also actually one of the oldest antiviruses. Officially acquired by Avast Software in September 2016, this antivirus is increasingly developing with various features such as web protection to monitor and protect browsing activities, as well as the presence of real-time security updates.

6. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus 2018
Had several times experienced a change of name, ZoneAlarm finally officially launched with a few additional new features in 2018.

These features include Antivirus and Antispyware to eradicate various types of viruses, Personal Firewall as a PC protector from various activities and Gamers mode which is a mode for uninterrupted gaming activity.

7. Smadav 2019
Smadav is an original Antivirus made in Indonesia to clean and protect Laptops and computers from local and international viruses. For now, this application is the best Local Antivirus.

Most antiviruses cannot be installed with other antiviruses, because antivirus is designed for primary protection on your computer. Unlike Smadav, this program is a type of antivirus that is designed as additional protection, so it is 100% compatible and can run well even though there are other antiviruses on your computer, in this case this application serves as the second layer of defense. Because the use of the resourc is very small, so it will not add weight to the performance of the computer / laptop in its use. So, with the combination of protection between Smadav and antivirus installed on the PC, it will further strengthen the computer’s defense against viral infections.

Also has special technology for the prevention of viruses that spread via USB Flashdisks. Special ability to detect new viruses on a flashdisk even though it is not yet in the database. not only prevention, this Antivirus is also able to clean viruses that infect and restore files hidden by viruses on the USB Flashdisk. Get Smadav 2019 Download here

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Acer One 10 S1002 Specification And Review

Acer again presents a reliable laptop that helps ease your days and finish all your work, Acer One 10 S1002. This touch screen laptop is equipped with an Intel Quad Core Z3735F, Windows 10 operating system and 2GB RAM with excellent and stable performance. Parts of the screen and keyboard can be separated so that they can be used like a tablet or also as a laptop.

Fast Performance
Acer manufacturer’s touch screen laptop is equipped with an Intel Quad Core Z3735Fx which is powerful in maintaining the smooth running of your computer. With this powerful processor all your computing work becomes easy and smooth. What’s more, this laptop is also equipped with 2 GB RAM, making your laptop work smoothly without interruption or error. This laptop has a memory capacity of 500 GB on the dock, plus 32 GB on the screen with an eMMC card. The processor and RAM capacity keeps your laptop’s work quality high when doing a lot of work at once or multitasking.

Fasinating Display
This Acer laptop comes with a 10.1 “LCD touch screen with stunning HD resolution. Enjoy working, watching movies or adventuring in cyberspace, with this laptop. Comes for you with HD 1280 x 800 resolution screen, and equipped with Intel graphics support HD Graphics, spoil your eyes with a charming, detailed and lively graphic display.

Elegant Design
This Acer laptop comes with an elegant design, which is enhanced with a light weight, making it easy to carry around. Not only is it lightweight, this laptop also has a removable screen, making it easier for you to work with it. Also enjoy the convenience of working with an ergonomic keyboard, which makes working activities more comfortable.

You can download Acer One S1002 Driver Download Here

Not only supported by a vivid graphic display, this laptop is equipped with charming sound produced by two stereo speakers found on this laptop. A laptop with a touch screen is also equipped with a front and rear camera with a 2 megapixel resolution that can be used to view videos, take pictures or other needs.

Time and distance are no longer a problem; You can always be connected whenever and wherever you are. This Acer laptop is also equipped with wireless connection technology, namely WiFi and Bluetooth. Enjoy the convenience of sharing files easily using Bluetooth 4.0, and the thrill of surfing anywhere and anytime. At the dock, this sophisticated laptop is also equipped with a USB 2.0 port, microSD reader, and a Micro HDMI port that meets your needs at work.

Read More : Acer Switch SW3-013 Driver Download

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The Multifunction printer cheap and reliable Epson L360

Epson officially introduced the third generation L-Series Printer in Indonesia. This Japanese printer manufacturer at the same time introduced 5 L Series printer that has the advantages and features vary according to the needs of consumers. After working since 2010, L-Series printers always provide high-quality, varied, and super efficient print solutions. The third generation Epson L series printers have improved in terms of speed, precision, and durability compared to previous generations. The third generation Epson L-Series comes in 5 series including: L310, L220, L360, L365, and L565. These five series are the successors of the Epson L455 and L850 series which were first introduced in February 2015.

Also See : Epson L360 Driver Download

The Epson L360 printer has a print, scan and photo copy function in a stylish unit that makes everything more effective and efficient. Both in terms of layout, the effectiveness of print, scan, copy to maintanance the unit makes you save everything. EPSON L360 printer is a printer with infusion technology with the highest speed in its class at this time. With 33 ppm Black and 15 ppm Color allows you to print documents and photos with a shorter time. In addition EPSON L360 printer has a print resolution up to 5760 x 1440 dpi so as to produce images with high quality and natural.

TThe Multifunction printer cheap and reliable Epson L360

The new Epson L-Series comes with the design of Print Head Micro Piezo Technology that has performance and is more reliable. Print Head Micro Piezo is more durable than Thermal Head Print. Epson L-Series Micro Head Piezo Print Head is designed to print in bulk and faster. Epson L360 printing speeds can be up to 33 sheets / minute for black and white documents and 15 sheets / minute for color documents. Print Head Micro Piezo can print up to a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. Variable Size Droplet Technology (VSDT) allows Print Head to remove inks of various sizes to produce sharper text and image detail and smoother gradations. Ink issued can be tailored to the needs so it is more efficient. In addition, lower operating temperatures make it possible to produce more natural blend colors and make the Print Head more durable.

Popular : Printer Driver Epson L360 Download

The Epson L360 provides the most efficient and complete print and documentation solution. This printer has Print, Copy, and Scan functions, so you do not need to buy multiple devices to meet documentation needs. Just like other L-Series printers, the Epson L360 also has an ink tank attached to the Printer section. In one ink charging tank, the Epson L360 can print up to 6500 color prints and 4500 black and white printed sheets. Ink charging system with 70ml bottle was claimed to be more efficient than you buy Catridge. Tanks and ink bottles have a pointed tip that makes it easy for you to refill.

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Cheap HP Printer with all in one feature

Cheap HP Printer with all in one feature. The presence of hardware in the name of the printer in the world of technology is already bringing many benefits. Typewriter device that since hundreds of years ago was present had been marginalized. Because of the sophistication of the printer device that has a function like the humans of the world today want. Is to print a document for personal interest as well as many people. Starting from text, images, and combined text and images.

HP Inc. launches the latest line of printers for a commercial or business segment that excels in print speed, professional-quality color printing, low total cost of ownership, power saving, and high security levels. Through these advantages, HP Inc. trying to reinvent printing for business with three printing platforms namely HP PageWide, HP OfficeJet Pro, and HP LaserJet. Not just printing hardware, HP Inc. also introduces the HP Secure Managed Print Services (MPS) service, a new MPS that focuses on security. You can See : HP Deskjet 1515 Driver Download

HP DeskJet 1515 is one of HP printer manufacturers that still exist until now where the printer presents a design that does not disappoint the elegant and has its own charm where HP Deskjet Ink advantage 1515 to this time still exist and liked by many people the reason is the printer all-in-one is sold cheap has many advantages that are not owned by other HP printers.

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 1515 is a multifunction printer that has been able to scan, copy, and print documents and photos has the advantage that he has one of them is this printer is using the method of thermal injection inject that has a maximum scale where this printer can print A4 b5 paper and A5 to DL envelop. In addition, the performance offered by this printer has proved very reliable so that it can accommodate many purposes for its users. The shape is simple but stylish make it look more attractive, clad in white color is more elegant but still stylish.

Hp Indonesia introduces the Hp series 1515 All-in-One Printer, this Hp Deskjet printer makes it easy for you to print, and the color quality is very good, for you who want to print a lot, this printer is really your choice, not only this Hp Deskjet printer the cost is quite cheap and reliable which is designed for easy setup and simple operation. Also see : HP Deskjet 1510 Driver Download

In addition to functioning to print a document, the printer also has other functions that have been adopted from other technologies. Call it the duplicate function of the document (principle and function of the copy machine), scanning function, and data sending function (fax machine). Initially the printer is simply a device used for printing documents that display text, image, and graph data in paper sheets. But thanks to the rapid development of technology, the function of other tools can be adopted. Based on several sources both from online stores and offline stores that usually sell the printer hp 1515, for the price of 1515 hp printer is ranged from Rp 600,000 to Rp 750,000.

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The Samsung Printer is Great And Fast

The Samsung Printer is Great And Fast. The Samsung Printer Xpress M2020W SL-M2020W/XSS brings better approaches for printing, while at the same time offering print speeds that assistance you spare time and cash. This printer is outlined so basic with a line of instinctive catches so you don’t need to trouble when you need to print a great deal of pages. The measurements of this printer are minimal and present day, if set on an office work area and won’t consume up much room. Samsung Printer M2020W arrangement is the most moderate laser printer at any point made Samsung.

Brilliant Text and Image Print Results

Samsung Printer Xpress M2020W SL-M2020W/XSS can print content and pictures with high caliber up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. This high print determination is acquired by fluctuating the point size and position of each point itself. Subsequently, you can print records with better and more honed content and picture points of interest. In the interim, ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) innovation enhances the nature of the printout in general.

You can download software and support Samsung M2020W Driver Download

Printing from Smartphones, Without Wires

Print and offer records with Samsung Xpress M2020W SL-M2020W/XS Printer should be possible as effortlessly as connecting a Smartphone to the Printer. On account of NFC innovation, Wi-Fi Direct, and Google Cloud Print you can print archives straightforwardly from your Smartphone, remotely. Google Cloud Print deals with most Android Smartphones and Tablets, Google Chromebooks, PCs, and a few gadgets that can interface with the web.

Laser Printer Fast and Save Up to 20%

Having a printer that can print quick is required, particularly for an industry that is constantly required to work rapidly and managing Deadline. Samsung Printer Xpress M2020W SL-M2020W/XSS is outfitted with 400 MHz Processor and 64 MB incorporated memory keeping in mind the end goal to print B/W archives up to 21 pieces for every moment. Samsung likewise incorporates Samsung Easy Eco Driver Software to enable you to spare costs by up to 20%. This product is helpful for lessening paper utilization and electrical vitality by giving you the choice to expel pointless content and pictures, or divert them from Bitmap into draws.

A Practical and Safe Laser Printer Solution

Samsung Printer Xpress M2020W SL-M2020W/XSS gives extra Software support to guarantee you can control and keep up print quality consistently. With Easy Printer Manager you can control Printer settings remotely, and screen Printer status at whatever point you require. A One Touch WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Button enables you to rapidly and safely interface and print from remote gadgets.

You can see : Samsung Xpress M2070FW Driver Download

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Great and cheap printers in this year

Great and cheap printers in this year. The Canon iP2770 printer is one of the most recent printer from ordinance with an exceptionally shoddy value, you have possessed the capacity to get this Canon iP2770 printer is just with the cost of 600 a few thousand or even likewise less expensive once more. The Canon Pixma iP2770 is as far as anyone knows a substitute for the 1980 IP standard which was initially the most tenacious printer, however tragically the Canon maker would not need to evacuate it.

Great and cheap printers in this year

Canon Pixma iP2770 can print at speeds up to 4.8 ipm, for shading ink and 7.0 ipm for dark ink. The item likewise includes Auto Photo Fix II on printers that can be gotten to through the EasyPhoto EX-Print programming, to have the capacity to redress pictures so you can get the best picture quality and with a greatest determination of 4800×1200 dpi.

Canon Pixma IP2770 Printer Driver has been an effective printer in the positions of shabby printers in Indonesia, this printer demonstrated solid. Ordinance iP2770 is the up and coming age of Canon Pixma ip2700 which was first propelled in February 2010. Arrangement of printers that have been sufficiently long, however demonstrated to even now be a most loved printer in different sections of clients, it is confirm by still a considerable amount of PC stores or printer stores who still offers this item.

Before you purchase Canon iP2770 you should first recognize the focal points or drawbacks in light of the experience that we have taken a shot at up to this point, ideally with this concise audit can give the best thought for you who need to purchase a Canon printer.

With the physical type of the Canon iP2770 printer is very thin, more straightforward and looks strong contrasted with past printers, we additionally have tried the print result is exceptionally acceptable, the tone is very smooth printer and ngeprint framework sufficiently quick. You don’t require long holding up to print 100 pages also.

Something interesting in the realm of printing, Canon’s exclusive FINE Cartridge print innovation empowers photolabs to deliver quality with clear detail without giving up speed. Unfaltering discharge beads, excellent quality and long continuance have been accomplished to create the most elevated quality pictures.

Print excellent photographs and pictures up to A4 measure with boundless printing capacities – make it simple for you to make proficient photograph collections, picture menus, business introductions and then some.

With the inherent fast USB 2.0 association, you can undoubtedly and exchange at full speed amongst gadget and PIXMA printer immediately. You essentially embed the link for the printer and will specifically do the settings.

Likewise in conclusion that the Canon iP2770 printer is great, great quality printer or speed, only the operational cost of substitution catridge would be extremely costly, on the off chance that you utilize the printer only for individual or office so I prescribe you purchase this Canon iP2770 printer.

If do you want download installer software Canon Pixma IP2770 Driver Download here.

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The Best and Lightest Antivirus Solution

The Best and Lightest Antivirus Solution. Computers are typically used gadgets, computersor laptops can help paintings productiveness and help the paintings greater efficiently. Yet be pitied once the laptop is having troubles, there are numerous reasons that motive your laptop’s and pc to own issues.

You need to realize the situation in yor PC device be it computer or laptop. Care needs to be carried out ntah it care for hardware or device that exist on your own laptop. No longer some humans disregard the maintenance function and protection of laptop systems.

Smadav 2018 Free Antivirus

As a result many skilled problems and commonly because by viruses that attack to the pc machine. Sincerely anti virus has been broadly circulated, amongst anti virus that established fact or no longer. Normally for anti virus with a tiny length features a database managing a bit virus, but no more always like that. The consideration to choose the antivirus is in phrases of database whether or not the virus is already diagnosed and might execute it with anti virus or now not. You intend to attempt smadav 2018 free antivirus which could be very mild on your desktop protection.

Smadav is one of the fine neighborhood anti virus that dikcata can maintain our laptop from assaults of numerous viruses or malwares is fairly annoying. Although this anti virus is an antivirus made with a rustic boy, but its capability in preserving our laptop or pc is likewise quite powerful you recognize! Furthermore smadav latest is referred to as an entirely light-weight anti virus, even you could now not feel installing anti virus on your own laptop.

Smadav anti virus made regionally dedicated to handle and smooth laptop viruses spread in Indonesia. Anti virus is apparently befitting neighborhood pc machine customers as evidenced through its potential to discover nearly ninety% of the anti virus discovered in Indonesia.

The very best and lightest anti virus solution, get smadAV 2018 Free Download at the end with this review. Thank you for reading the most effective and lightest antivirus reviews right now. Hopefully these records is useful for you.

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Ilustrasi Makanan Keju ilustrasi Makanan Keju (sumber: foxnews)

Keju… Siapa yang tidak mengetahui makanan yang satu ini, tapi apakah kalian tau bagaimana proses pembuatan keju? Berikut penjelasannya. Jika dilihat secara sederhana, keju merupakan makanan yang dibuat dengan proses pengentalan susu. Namun untuk lebih jelasnya kita lihat pembahasan berikut :

 Asal usul keju
 Keju sudah diproduksi sejak zaman prasejarah. Tidak ada bukti pasti dimana pembuatan keju pertama kali dilakukan, di Eropa, Asia Tengah, maupun Timur Tengah, tetapi praktek pembuatan keju menyebar ke Eropa sebelum zaman Romawi Kuno, dan penurut Pliny, pembuatan keju telah menjadi usaha yang terkoordinasi pada masa Kekaisaran Romawi.Perkiraan awal adanya pembuatan keju adalah antara 8000 SM (ketika domba mulai diternakkan) sampai 3000 SM. Pembuat keju pertama diperkirakan adalah manusia di Timur Tengah atau suku-suku nomaden di Asia Tengah. Bukti arkeologis pertama tentang pembuatan keju ditemukan pada mural di makam Mesir Kuno, yang dibuat pada 2000 SM.(Farkye,2001)
 Yunani dan Romawi Kuno
Mitologi Yunani kuno menyebutkan bahwa Aristaeus sebagai penemu keju. Odissey tulisan Homer (800 SM) mengatakan bahwa Cyclops membuat keju dengan menggunakan dan menyimpan susu domba dan kambing.Pada masa Romawi Kuno, keju sudah menjadi makanan sehari-hari, dan pembuatan keju telah menjadi usaha yang telah teratur, tidak jauh berbeda dengan pada masa kini. De Re Rustica tulisan Columella (65 M) menceritakan pembuatan keju dengan rennet, proses menghilangkan kandungan air, penggaraman, dan proses penuaan. Natural History karya Pliny (77 M) memiliki bab (XI, 97) yang menjelaskan berbagai jenis keju yang dikonsumsi oleh orang Romawi pada awal Kekaisaran Romawi. (Farkye,2001)

Keju merupakan suatu produk pangan yang berasal dari hasil penggumpalan (koagulasi) dari protein susu. Susu yang di gunakan untuk pembuatan keju adalah susu sapi walaupun susu dari hewan lainnya juga dapat di gunakan . Selain kasein (protein susu), komponen susu lainnya seperti lemak, mineral-mineral dan vitamin yang larut dalam lemak juga terbawa dalam gumpalan partikel-partikel kasein. Sedangkan, komponen-komponen susu yang larut dalam air tertinggal dalam larutan sisa dari hasil penggumpalan kasein yang di sebut whey. (Farkye,2001)

Prinsip pembuatan keju adalah bahwa protein dalam keju mengalami flokulasi dan mengikutkan 90% lemak susu dalam pengolahan. Keju dapat dibuat dengan mengendapkan protein menggunakan suatu asam. Asam tersebut dapat dihasilkan oleh bakteri atau asam yang ditambahkan. Apabila menggunakan asam, dapat digunakan asam asetat, asam laktat, asam sitrat dan dapat pula digunakan asam alami seperti sari buah sitrun. Susu dipanaskan 80-90ºC dan asam ditambahkan berupa tetesan sambil dilakukan pengadukan sampai massa terpisah, setelah curd ditiriskan, dapat diproses lebih lanjut (Daulay, 1991).

Teknik dan variasi pembuatan keju dapat dilakukan/dikembangkan menurut kreativitas yang tak terbatas. Misalnya dengan penambahan biji-bijian, herba, minuman beralkohol, potongan buah-buahan dan pewarna ke dalam curd. Pewarna yang digunakan biasanya adalah merah annatto. Penambahan garam ke dalam keju biasanya adalah untuk menurunkan kadar air dan sebagai pengawet (Daulay, 1991).

1. Awalnya, susu diperah langsung dari sapi betina yang sehat. Proses pemerahan susu harus di awali dengan membersihkan area susu sapi yang akan di perah. hal ini dilakukan agar hasil susu yang di peroleh lebih bersih dan higienis. ( Nurhayati, 2003)

2. Kemusian, susu segar hasil pemerahan itu ditampung terlebih dahulu dalam tabung (milk can). ( Nurhayati, 2003)

3. Setelah terkumpul banyak, susu tersebut kemudian dipanaskan dengan suhu 60 derajat selama 30 menit. Proses ini disebut pasteurisasi, yaitu proses sterilisasi kuman dengan pemanasan untuk membunuh bakteri patogen (bakteri negatif). Sebelum pembuatan keju yang sesungguhnya dimulai, susu biasanya menjalani perlakuan awal yang telah dirancang untuk menciptakan kondisi optimum pada saat di produksi. Susu yang digunakan untuk tipe keju yang memerlukan pematangan lebih dari sebulan sebenarnya tidak perlu dipasteurisasi, tetapi biasanya tetap dipasteurisasi. Susu yang digunakan untuk keju mentah (keju segar) harus dipasteurisasi. Hal ini mengindikasikan bahwa susu keju untuk tipe yang membutuhkan periode pematangan lebih dari sebulan tidak harus dipasteurisasi di kebanyakan negara. Susu yang digunakan untuk Emmenthal, Parmesan dan Grana asli, beberapa tipe keju ekstra keras, tidak boleh dipanaskan melebihi 40°C, agar tidak mempengaruhi rasa, aroma, dan pengeluaran whey. Susu yang digunakan untuk keju tipe ini biasanya berasal dari peternakan pilihan dengan inspeksi ternak secara rutin oleh dokter hewan. Walaupun keju terbuat dari susu yang tidak terpasteurisasi, keju ini  diyakini memiliki rasa dan aroma yang  lebih baik, kebanyakan produsen (kecuali pembuat keju tipe ekstra keras) mempasteurisasi susu, karena kualitas susu yang tidak dipasteurisasi jarang dapat dipercaya konsumennya. Sehingga mereka tidak mau mengambil risiko untuk tidak mempasteurisasi keju hasil produksinya. Pasteurisasi harus cukup untuk membunuh bakteri yang dapat mempengaruhi kualitas keju, misalnya coliforms, yang bisa membuat “blowing” (perusakan tekstur) lebih dini dan rasa tidak enak pada keju. Pateurisasi reguler pada 72 – 73°C selama 15 – 20 detik merupakan proses pasteurisasi yang paling sering dilakukan. ( Nurhayati, 2003)

4. Susu tersebut kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam bejana untuk didinginkan. Lalu, diberi bakteri Asam Laktat. Jenis bakteri ini berperan utama dalam mengubah laktosa (zat gula) pada susu menjadi asam laktat, hal ini juga di lakukan agar bakteri jenis Streptococcus dan Lactobacillus dapat tumbuh dengan baik. Bakteri-bakteri ini memakan laktosa pada susu dan merubahnya menjadi asam laktat. Dimana proses ini dapat menurunkan pH keju sehingga tidak membusuk oleh bakteri pembusuk. Kemudian diberi lagi tambahan rennet yang merupakan bahan bioaktif yang awalnya merupakan hasil ekstraksi abomasum sapi muda yang digunakan sebagai starter dalam proses pembuatankeju, karena mengandung enzim khimosin dengan kadar tinggi. Khimosin yang terkandung dalam dalam rennet memiliki kemampuan paling besar dalam mengkoagulasikan susu. Rennet berfungsi untuk merekatkan susu, yang kemudian akan menggumpal seperti tahu. Dalam bejana tersebut, susu yang telah menggumpal kemudian dipotong-potong dengan pisau khusus, sehingga berbentuk seperti tahu.( Nurhayati, 2003)

5. Potongan-potongan keju yang sudah jadi itu, kemudian dipisahkan dari air. ( Nurhayati, 2003)

6. Setelah itu, potongan tersebut dimasukkan ke dalam cetakan dan dipres. Pengepresan dilakukan untuk mengurangi kadar air di dalam keju, mengeluarkan kadar whey akhir, memberi bentuk pada keju, dan pemberian lapisan terluar pada keju dengan periode pematangan yang panjang. Pengepresan harus di sesuaikan tekanannya pada setiap jenis keju. Pengepresan harus dilakukan dengan tekanan yang rendah di awal kemudian berangsur-angsur di perbesar. ( Nurhayati, 2003)

7. Selesai dicetak, keju tersebut kemudian direndam air garam supaya lebih awet dan menungkatkan cita rasa keju, lalu diperam dalam ruangan pendingin selama 1,5 bulan atau lebih. Pemeraman dilakukan dengan membungkus keju dengan parafin. Pelapisan permukaan dengan parafin bertujuan untuk menutup semua bagian permukaan, membunuh kapang yang terdapat pada permukaan, mengurangi kehilangan air karena penguapan dan penetrasi oksigen. Selama pemeraman starter membebaskan enzim proteolik yang berperan pada perubahan tekstur dan cita rasa keju. Dalam proses pemeraman terjadi perubahan fisik dan kimia yang disebabkan oleh aktivitas enzim dan mikroba. Proses pemeraman biasanya dilakukan pada suhu 2 – 16 ºC selama 2-16 bulan untuk keju keras dan 1-8 bulan untuk keju semi keras. Selama pemeraman, akan terjadi perubahan yang disebabkan hidrolisa protein oleh protease, hidrolisa lemak oleh lipase, perubahan asam amino dan asam lemak oleh enzim tertentu yang mengakibatkan perubahan cita rasa, tekstur, aroma dan penampilan. Semakin lama di peram maka tekstur keju menjadi lebih lunak dan cita rasanya pun menjadi lebih enak. ( Nurhayati, 2003)

Jenis-Jenis Keju

Keju dibedakan pertama-tama dari cara pembuatan. Ada dua kelompok besar keju: keju segar dan keju padat. Keju segar tidak mengalami proses pemasakan dan pengepresan. Warnanya putih dan dimakan seperti mentega: dioleskan, atau jika dipadatkan ia dikemas dalam air. Termasuk ke dalam jenis ini adalah Mozarella.Keju padat, sebaliknya, dibuat dengan pemadatan, pemanasan, pengepresan, dan, yang paling menentukan, pematangan. Keju yang belum lama mengalami pematangan dapat disebut sebagai keju muda. Semakin lama, ia menjadi keju tua. Keju padat biasanya kering, untuk diiris atau dilelehkan.
Walaupun sulit untuk menyebutkan semua macam keju berikut dipaparkan beberapa keju populer. Di Prancis umpamanya, pada beberapa daerah setiap desa memiliki keju khas sendiri-sendiri, sehingga sulit untuk menyebutkannya secara lengkap. (Razig,2009)

Keju lembut Perancis ini mengandung 45 persen lemak. Kulitnya putih dan memiliki bintik-bintik pikmen warna kemerahan. Bila sudah matang betul, bagian dalamnya betul-betul menyerupai krim. Aromanya cukup tajam. (Razig,2009)
Keju ini dibuat di seluruh dunia. Saat muda, aroma keju ini cukup lembut dan berwarna pucat, tetapi setelah tua, warnanya lebih kuning dan aromanya pun lebih tajam. Keju Cheddar yang banyak kita kenal dimatangkan dengan dibungkus kain katun selama beberapa hari di awal masa pematangan, cheddar merupakan jenis keju yang paling populer di Indonesia(Razig,2009).
Cream cheese
Keju jenis lembut ini dibuat dari krim dan susu. Lemak yang dikandungnya terdiri dari 45 persen. Bila kandungan lemaknya sampai 65 persen, maka disebut double cream cheese. Cream cheese biasanya dikemas dalam botol, gelas, stoples, atau dibungkus kertas yang dijual dalam keadaan beku. Keju krim bisa disajikan sebagai teman makan roti atau dikocok bersama margarin/mentega dijadikan cheese cake atau kue-kue lain yang dibuat dari keju(Razig,2009).
Keju Belanda ini termasuk jenis keras dengan kandungan lemak 40 persen. Biasanya keju edam yang dibuat untuk ekspor, dikemas dalam kemasan lilin. Teksturnya cukup elastis sementara keharumannya cukup tajam. Keju edam di Indonesia sangat terkenal, sering digunakan untuk membuat kue kering keju (kaastengel), makaroni, atau penganan lain yang membutuhkan keharuman keju yang agak menyengat. Di supermarket di UK kita jumpai 2 warna kemasannya, merah (not 4 vegetarian) dan hijau (vegetarian)(Razig,2009).
Keju Swis jenis keras ini biasa dibuat dalam ukuran besar seberat 80 kilogram. Termasuk jenis keju yang dimasak. Karena jenis fermentasinya, keju ini memiliki lubang-lubang agak besar(Razig,2009).
Keju Italia ini termasuk jenis keju lembut yang mengandung 40 – 50 persen lemak. Umumnya dibuat dari susu sapi, tetapi aslinya dari susu kerbau dan konon lebih disukai rasanya. Keju ini di Indonesia lebih sering digunakan untuk membuat pizza, tetapi sebetulnya bisa digunakan untuk makanan lainnya(Razig,2009).
Termasuk jenis keju Italia yang keras. Kandungan lemaknya 32 persen. Usianya 2- 3 tahun. Aromanya bukan main tajamnya. Karena itu kadang pemakaiannya dikombinasikan dengan mozarella karena mozarella kurang tajam aromanya. Keju parmesan usia muda sering kali diparut halus dan dijadikan keju meja untuk taburan spageti atau makaroni. Keju parmesan juga lezat dibuat kue kering karena aromanya yang tajam tadi(Razig,2009).

Keju Italia yang termasuk keju lembut ini dibuat dari sapi atau domba. Namun sekarang dicampur dengan whole milk. Kandungan lemaknya 20 – 30 persen tergantung dari sebanyak apa susu yang digunakan(Razig,2009).

Demikian penjelasan dari proses pembuatan keju dan jenisnya. Semoga bermanfaat ^^.

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