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incredibly aspirational number associated with the yoga tradition

I'd like to just take a few moments to describe to you the significance of 108. One hundred eight is a number that we often see in this particularly see it in terms of the number of beads on a Meditation Mala, or a chanting beads Garland, and so I want to speak about it because it's a question that often arises and there's value in having a little bit of a deeper understanding than this moment or a random number because it's not a random number. It's an incredibly aspirational number that is associated with the yoga tradition and many other traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

So first of all, I offer that 108 is the sacred number that the vedic mathematicians most commonly associated with and I presume actually experienced as a number that was expressive of what they call purna, which is fullness. Wholeness from which all things come to which all things return and in which all things exist can be the silence.

It can be the space, it can be the ethers. That is the purna. So one, zero, eight is the number that the vedic mathematicians most associated with that fullness in our Western world. We often look at one as the one, the divine, the cosmic cars, the nameless, faceless cause of all of the universe. Everything is seen and unseen. We see zero as the ring, as the in a, the endless connection and also the whole in which the divine breath flows. And then we see eight as that infinite beginningless and endless connection again and yet to the cosmos, to the fullness, to the oneness and to the divine. Also offered that there's 108 to punish odds. You'll get texts. There's 108 points on the classical Sri Yantra, which is a sacred symbol in yoga and there are 108 pts and pick. These are the sacred sites in India.


There are also outside of the yoga tradition in Islam, 108 is symbolic of God. And in the Turkish tradition there is a 108 beads on their prayer beads. And as a young Catholic girl, my grandmother gave me, made for me and gave me a Catholic rosary that I was happy to discover. Also has 108 beads. There are considered to be in a yogic lore, 108 gods and demons, 54 of each vying against one another like light and darkness. And in Chinese astrology there's considered to be 108 stars. So that being said, it's not just a number. And so when you go to your altar to pray, I offer that you can tether yourself into that ancient wisdom and also tether yourself to so many wisdoms, a few of which I've only mentioned, so that you know that you are part and parcel of something so much greater sending you so much love.

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