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(Clues found near the site of Cahokia (above) indicated that a flood occurred at the height of the city’s population and power.) Photograph by Ira Block, National Geographic. One thousand years ago, on a floodplain of the Mississippi River near modern-day St. Louis, the massive Native American city known today as Cahokia sprang suddenly into […]

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Author and former financial planner Frank Maselli tells a story of a man who retired and went home to spend his days with his wife. It didn’t take long for him to become a major intrusion in his wife’s world. He told her the way she did everything was wrong, even the garden she had […]

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The sun’s rays strike the rocky coast of Acadia National Park, Maine. (Photo: Robert F. Bukaty, AP) Acadia National Park has many claims to fame. It was the first national park east of the Mississippi. It’s the second most visited east of the Mississippi (more than 2.4 million visitors last year). And it’s the only […]

Hari ini, seperti yang dijanjikan sebelumnya, kumpulan peretas dunia maya anonymous menyerang website website pemerintah israel, mulai dari website departemen pertahana, kepolisian, penerbangan, bursa efek dan masih banyak lagi. terhitung ada ribuan website yang akan tersu diretas , sebagai upaya mengutarakan fakta bahwa israel adalah apartheid dan penjajah palestina. Sampai saat ini,s ebagai contoh, website […]