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Lost At Sea? Survive With These Tricks

Posted: 12th June 2014 by Achmad Fawzy in Science, Trick, Unique, Wildlife
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A handy manual to prepare you for life’s misadventures. illustrations by Chris Philpot Jose Salvador Alvarenga was fishing off the coast of Mexico in late 2012 when a powerful storm sent his boat adrift. Marshall Islanders found the battered vessel nearly 16 months later, stuck on a reef—with Alvarenga still alive inside. Rainwater and a […]

Comments Off on Orphan Elephants Lack Social Knowledge Key for Survival

Psychological impact from loss of family structure parallels PTSD in people. (An elephant family moves through Kenya’s Amboseli National Park) Highly intelligent and social animals, African elephants depend on their sophisticated communication skills for survival in the wild. A recent study investigated the effects of culling and relocation on elephant decision-making and cognition decades later. […]