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Weather effects surprisingly shape the Antarctic ozone hole. The Antarctic ozone hole reached its maximum single-day area for 2013 on Sept. 16. The ozone hole (purple and blue) is the region over Antarctica with total ozone at or below 220 Dobson units (a common unit for measuring ozone concentration). Last year the hole in the […]

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The Moment  David Doubilet Reef Madness The Pacific reef at Kimbe Bay seemed like paradise to photographer David Doubilet when he visited 17 years ago. But his recent return was more like a stop in photographic purgatory. Shooting was delayed by heavy rains and floods. Visibility was at times limited to ten feet. Several cameras […]

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Beberapa hari belakangan salju turun di Jazirah Arab setelah badai Alexa melanda wilayah ini. Imam Masjid Haram Syeikh Su’ud Syuraim mengatakan, terbukti bahwa Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam adalah benar-benar seorang Nabi dan Rasul yang menerima wahyu dari Allah. Syeikh Syuraim menambahkan, salju merupakan komponen utama dalam pembentukan sungai dan tanaman. Berjatuhannya salju di Jazirah […]

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San Fransisco – Rekor terakhir suhu terdingin yang tercatat Organisasi Meteorologi Dunia adalah di Stasiun Penelitian Vostok di Antartika, Kutub Utara. Pada Juli 1983, suhu di lokasi itu tercatat minus 89,2 C . Namun, rekor itu kini terpecahkan. Pada temu tahunan the American Geophysical Union, Selasa, 10 Desember 2013, Ted Scambos, ilmuwan pemimpin di National […]

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Scientists and educators are confronting superstitions and poor infrastructure. South Africa’s Cape Town had a severe electrical storm that ripped through the skies at regular interval for more than an hour. (Photograph by Lynda Smith, Your Shot, National Geographic) Developing countries have long lists of problems—illiteracy, disease, hunger, corruption. There’s one more problem that has […]

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(The moon and Venus help guide sky-watchers this week to the Lagoon nebula. Credit: N. A. Sharp, REU Program/NOAO/AURA/NSF).  Sky-watchers will see a sprinkling of shooting stars, bask under autumn’s brightest star pattern, and take a dip in a cosmic lagoon. Taurid meteors. Look toward the southeast sky on Monday, November 4, and into the […]

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A garden of delicate coral is sheltered from storms in the lee of a nearby peninsula. Kimbe’s reefs help sustain local fishermen, some of whom still rely on traditional outrigger canoes.