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Banff National Park, Canada Photograph by Jonathan Irish, National Geographic. Morning mist rolls in over Moraine Lake, one of several glacial lakes in Alberta’s Banff National Park. There are more than a thousand glaciers in the park, plus the highest town in Canada (Banff), the largest cave system in the country (Castleguard Caves), and several […]

Did You Know ??? (Part 1)

Posted: 22nd February 2012 by Achmad Fawzy in Science, Top 7, Unique
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1. Did you know Niagara Falls never stops flowing!  On the morning of March 29, 1948 is a special day. The tourists who visit Niagara Falls on the American-Canadian border was baffled when it stops flowing waterfall. They watched the waterfall dries up, leaving only rocks with some standing water in the bottom of the […]