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LOS ANGELES, – Jeff Hanneman, pendiri dan gitaris grup band pemekak telinga beraliran heavy metal, Slayer, meninggal dunia di California Selatan, Kamis kemarin waktu AS. Demikian pernyataan resmi dari manajemen mereka via laman resminya. Hanneman meninngal dalam usia 49 tahun. “Hanneman sedang dalam perawatan pihak rumah sakit dikarenakan mempunyai masalah dengan kelainan fungsi hatinya,” demikian […]

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Led Zeppelin laid the blueprint for heavy metal then Black Sabbath rang the genre’s true inaugural bell. A few years later, Australia gave birth to AC/DC, who became regarded as one of the most important rock n’ roll bands the world has known. This generation saw the creation of the New Wave Of American Heavy […]

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EP: “Between The Lies” (2010) 1. Be Careful What You Wish For Raise your glass to everything You’ve accomplished on your own I promise it wouldn’t mean a thing tomorrow We’re all just headed straight for the ocean floor On a ship without any captain aboard This time you can’t save yourself We’re all (we’re […]

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1. Beast And The Harlot This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence There’s more than meets the eye round here look to the waters of the deep. A city of evil There sat a seven-headed beast, ten horns raised from his head Symbolic woman sits on his thrown but hatred strips […]

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1. Black Sabbath 2. Iron Maiden 3. Metallica 4. Judas Priest 5. Motörhead 6. Slayer 7. Megadeth