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The Moment  David Doubilet Reef Madness The Pacific reef at Kimbe Bay seemed like paradise to photographer David Doubilet when he visited 17 years ago. But his recent return was more like a stop in photographic purgatory. Shooting was delayed by heavy rains and floods. Visibility was at times limited to ten feet. Several cameras […]

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A garden of delicate coral is sheltered from storms in the lee of a nearby peninsula. Kimbe’s reefs help sustain local fishermen, some of whom still rely on traditional outrigger canoes.

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1. A sensory perspective of effect of feeds on flavor in meats poultry meats 2. A study of the science of taste 3. Acceptability Studies on Bread Fortified with Tilapia Fish Flour 4. Biomimetic-based odor and taste sensing systems to food quality and safety 5. Chemical Composition and Physicochemical Properties of Meatballs Prepared from Mechanically […]

[youtube][/youtube] Underwater filmmaker and photographer Tom Campbell has time to snap just one photo of a whale shark, the world’s largest fish.