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Our theme on IFLScience this week seems to be lava. First, we showed you what it looks like when lava meets a can of coke. Many of you were disappointed by this, so we showed you what it would look like if a person fell into a lake of lava. By far the most common […]

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We’re proud to announce the 21 recipients of the Facebook Prineville Data Center’s 2014 Local Community Action Grants. These nonprofits and schools were awarded more than $105,000 for projects that put the power of technology to use for community benefit, help improve education at all levels, and to bring people together either physically or virtually. […]

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(The delegations of UB in the Conference of Indonesia Young Scientists, FMIPA UI) Mangroves are not only to prevent abrasion. In the hands of Universitas Brawijaya students, mangroves are changed to have various benefits. Through this creation, UB receives the First Winner for Poster Presentation about environment conservation in Writing for the Nation, The Conference […]