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Kepler-62f is an Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of a star about 1,200 light-years from Earth (artist’s rendering). PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF NASA/AMES/JPL-CALTECH From the edge of the solar wind to ancient human DNA, science made big strides in 2013. Science mattered more than ever in 2013. Climate science questions raged after Super Typhoon Haiyan pummeled […]

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A hoax CNN iReport which claimed that an asteroid headed towards Earth had a 50% chance of catastrophically colliding with our planet in the year 2041 has been taken down after it terrified some members of the public. “Citizen journalism”, such as iReport, may seem a reasonable concept at first glance; however, you’d probably quickly […]

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Planets one to four times the size of Earth (at right) could be amenable to life. Earth-size planets circling nearby stars come in two flavors, either rocky or gassy, astronomers reported on Monday. And more than three-quarters of stars likely host at least one of these alien Earths. “Super-Earth” planets can be either rocky like […]

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There may be fewer habitable planets circling nearby stars than has been thought. A new 3-D computer model has changed scientists’ expectations about how many alien planets could sustain life. An alien planet climate analysis cuts nearly in half the estimated number of habitable planets in our galaxy, scientists reported on Wednesday. The findings arise […]

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Weather effects surprisingly shape the Antarctic ozone hole. The Antarctic ozone hole reached its maximum single-day area for 2013 on Sept. 16. The ozone hole (purple and blue) is the region over Antarctica with total ozone at or below 220 Dobson units (a common unit for measuring ozone concentration). Last year the hole in the […]

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The wonder and beauty of Planet Earth is illustrated perfectly in this years ongoing series of entries submitted for National Geographic Traveler’s Photo Contest Regardless of whether the images were captured by amateur or professional photographers, thousands of pictures flooded into the contest which boasts four categories, including portraits, outdoor scenes, sense of place and […]