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Comet ISON Cliffhanger

Posted: 28th November 2013 by Achmad Fawzy in Science, Technology, Unique
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 (Comet ISON, imaged by longtime amateur astrophotograper Damian Peach in the U.K. He used a 4-inch f/5 telescope for 12 minutes of combined exposures on November 15th. Credit: Damian Peach / Astronomers keeping a close eye on the highly-anticipated Comet ISON, are reporting that ‘something’ is happening to the icy visitor as it quickly […]

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About 3.8 to 4 billion years ago Earth suffered what scientists call the late Heavy Bombardment: a mysterious rain of asteroids and comets that pummeled most of its surface. The moon was heavily cratered then too. Art by Dana Berry; Sources: Stephen Mojzsis, University of Colorado/NASA Lunar Science Institute; William Bottke, Southwest Research Institute (SWRI).