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Photo credit: Alain R, via Wikimedia Commons. A duo of theoretical physicists from Fudan University, Shanghai, has proposed a very intriguing hypothesis; supermassive black holes at the center of normal galaxies, including our own Milky Way, may not actually be black holes at all. Instead, they could be wormholes. The paper detailing their theory has […]

Billion Star Sky Surveyor Launches

Posted: 28th December 2013 by Achmad Fawzy in Science, Technology, Top 7, Unique
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Europe’s Gaia Space Telescope promises to create the most accurate map of the Milky Way galaxy ever attempted. Credit: ESA/ATG medialab; background: ESO/S. Brunier Astronomers plan on rewriting the star-charts with the latest space telescope, which aims at unlocking the secrets behind the birth and evolution of our home galaxy. Europe’s new Milky Way Galaxy […]

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(The moon and Venus help guide sky-watchers this week to the Lagoon nebula. Credit: N. A. Sharp, REU Program/NOAO/AURA/NSF).  Sky-watchers will see a sprinkling of shooting stars, bask under autumn’s brightest star pattern, and take a dip in a cosmic lagoon. Taurid meteors. Look toward the southeast sky on Monday, November 4, and into the […]

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(This moon, seen from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, was the largest of 2012. This year’s supermoon will occur on June 23, and appear 8 percent larger and 17 percent brighter) Andrew Fazekas for National Geographic News This weekend, skywatchers looking up at the full moon may sense it’s a bit more striking than usual—and […]