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A new study highlights some of the world’s most critical places essential for species survival. (The hills and mountains of the Western Ghats in India. Photograph by Kalyan Varma.) A new study aims to identify the terrestrial areas that are truly irreplaceable—vital for the preservation of mammals, birds, and amphibians. Previous research and conservation efforts […]

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Psychological impact from loss of family structure parallels PTSD in people. (An elephant family moves through Kenya’s Amboseli National Park) Highly intelligent and social animals, African elephants depend on their sophisticated communication skills for survival in the wild. A recent study investigated the effects of culling and relocation on elephant decision-making and cognition decades later. […]

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Scientists and educators are confronting superstitions and poor infrastructure. South Africa’s Cape Town had a severe electrical storm that ripped through the skies at regular interval for more than an hour. (Photograph by Lynda Smith, Your Shot, National Geographic) Developing countries have long lists of problems—illiteracy, disease, hunger, corruption. There’s one more problem that has […]

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1. Wind Shadow Image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS/NASA Milky-colored ripples on the Atlantic Ocean trail behind the Canary Islands (map) off the west coast of Africa in this June 15 image snapped by NASA’s Terra satellite. Thanks to a vantage point 450 miles (725 kilometers) above the Earth, strange patterns caused by strong winds on […]