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(A large male polar bear attempts to mate with a female in Svalbard, Norway. (Photo courtesy of Paul Nicklen)) For 15 years I had been hoping to witness this moment. As a wildlife biologist and photographer for National Geographic, I have spent countless hours observing polar bears hunting, catching seals, nursing cubs, and sparring with […]

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Pada Kamis malam (22/8), ada acara yang menurut saya sangat menarik di Atamerica, Pacific Place, kawasan SCBD Sudirman Jakarta. Menarik sekaligus kesempatan yang langka: Tim Laman berbagi cerita pengalamannya saat mendokumentasikan 39 spesies burung cenderawasih dengan judul “Bird of Paradise: Crown Jewels of Indonesia’s Biodiversity”. Acara ini terselenggara berkat kerja sama National Geographic Indonesia, National […]

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(Photograph by Cotton Coulson) National Geographic – Even in the middle of the day, you can take compelling photos when the right photographic elements come together. Here, in Svalbard, Norway, the wind sometimes dies down and the fjords become like a mirror reflection of the sky. Normally I like to shoot during the early and […]

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Melting sea ice means big changes for the world’s 20,000 polar bears. (A polar bear watches over two cubs in Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill, Manitoba) Photograph by David Jenkins/Robert Harding/Corbis In the past month, hundreds of polar bears have strolled past a small town in Canada. It’s part of their annual migration […]

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A new study highlights some of the world’s most critical places essential for species survival. (The hills and mountains of the Western Ghats in India. Photograph by Kalyan Varma.) A new study aims to identify the terrestrial areas that are truly irreplaceable—vital for the preservation of mammals, birds, and amphibians. Previous research and conservation efforts […]

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Banff National Park, Canada Photograph by Jonathan Irish, National Geographic. Morning mist rolls in over Moraine Lake, one of several glacial lakes in Alberta’s Banff National Park. There are more than a thousand glaciers in the park, plus the highest town in Canada (Banff), the largest cave system in the country (Castleguard Caves), and several […]

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Psychological impact from loss of family structure parallels PTSD in people. (An elephant family moves through Kenya’s Amboseli National Park) Highly intelligent and social animals, African elephants depend on their sophisticated communication skills for survival in the wild. A recent study investigated the effects of culling and relocation on elephant decision-making and cognition decades later. […]