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The delegations of UB in the Conference of Indonesia Young Scientists, FMIPA UI

(The delegations of UB in the Conference of Indonesia Young Scientists, FMIPA UI)

Mangroves are not only to prevent abrasion. In the hands of Universitas Brawijaya students, mangroves are changed to have various benefits. Through this creation, UB receives the First Winner for Poster Presentation about environment conservation in Writing for the Nation, The Conference of Indonesia Young Scientists. They are Rizky Rizaldi, Dito Aditia, Alfia Gita K (from Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences) and Afifah Qodri Rinjani (Faculty of Humanities) who win the first predicate of Poster Presentation about Environment Conservation. The annual event which is held by Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Sciences, Universitas Indonesia challenges the creativities of young scientists on Monday to Saturday (2-7/9) in Jakarta.

A research entitled “The Area of Platinum Mangroves: an Innovation of Integrated Ocean Conservation Area based on EEE: Education, Ecology and Economy” tries to remain the society about the important to keep environment. These three basic conservations, according to one of the member of the group, Afifah, consist of education as an effort to remain the society, ecology in the form of processing mangrove fruit, and ecology with environment conservation.

“We try to invite the people of Sidoasri, Malang sub-province for environment conservation. We choose this location because the area of Sidoasri is near to the beach in South Malang,” she said. Moreover, this group also use mangrove fruits as an alternative food. “We try to process mangrove fruit where commonly it becomes a garbage in coastwise,” she added. In addition, according to Afifah, through mangrove sponge cake, the local Headman hopes that this cake can become an excellent product of Sidoasri Village.

While for ecology, it is done in the form of educational house. “Here we are helped by surrounding people and youth organization to plant and taking care of the mangroves. While for processing, we are helped by PKK mothers of Sidosari Village,” she said. In this competition, UB delegations get some appreciations, such as, the First Winner of Conservation Poster, the Second Winner is Conservation Presentation, the First Winner of Educational Conservation, and the Third Winner of Educational Conservation. While this research project will be continued in the coast with the same condition to Sidoasri Village.

Courtesy : Prasetya UB