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FIFA dan France Football telah mengumumkan 23 nama kandidat peraih Ballon d’Or 2013. Di dalamnya bercokol nama-nama pemain tenar, seperti juara tahun lalu Lionel Messi, bintang Bayern Munich Franck Ribery dan penyerang Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo. Dalam daftar 23 nama pemain tersebut, adalah Bayern Munich yang menjadi klub penyumbang pemain terbanyak dengan enam pemain, disusul […]

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(Clues found near the site of Cahokia (above) indicated that a flood occurred at the height of the city’s population and power.) Photograph by Ira Block, National Geographic. One thousand years ago, on a floodplain of the Mississippi River near modern-day St. Louis, the massive Native American city known today as Cahokia sprang suddenly into […]

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Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo Photograph by John Stanmeyer/National Geographic Stock Some Indonesians believe that belching volcanoes such as Mount Semeru (in background) and Mount Bromo (in foreground) are portals to a subterranean world that has shaped not only Indonesia’s landscape but also its beliefs and culture. A long exposure time captured stars in this […]