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1. A sensory perspective of effect of feeds on flavor in meats poultry meats

2. A study of the science of taste

3. Acceptability Studies on Bread Fortified with Tilapia Fish Flour

4. Biomimetic-based odor and taste sensing systems to food quality and safety

5. Chemical Composition and Physicochemical Properties of Meatballs Prepared from Mechanically Deboned Quail Meat Using Various Types of Flour

6. Coding of Sweet, Bitter, and Umami Tastes

7. Comparison of three sensory methods

8. Effect of Fatty Acid Composition of Oils on Flavor

9. Effect of frozen period on the chemical, microbiological

10. Effect of whey powder, skim milk powder and their combination on yield and textural properties of meat patties

11. Development of ice creams from Soybean milk & Watermelon seeds milk and Evaluation of their acceptability and Nourishing potential

12. Discrimination of mineral waters by electronic tongue

13. Evaluation of Quality Parameters

14. Flavour as a psychological construct implications for perceiving

15. Formulation and sensory evaluation of complementary

16. Influence of freeze-drying treatment on the texture

17. Instrumental-sensory evaluation of texture for fish

18. Odor Evaluation Fundamentals

19. Sensory acceptability of chocolate with inulin

20. Effect of Casein Hydrolysates on Yogurt

21. Physicochemical and sensory properties of wheat

22. Predicting Sensory Cohesiveness and Hardness

23. Quality of fish fillet from pond-raised red tilapia and its utilisation

24. Rapid control of smoked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) quality

25. Sensory analysis, sugar and acid content of tomato

26. Sensory and mechanical aspects of cheese texture

27. Sensory and microbiological evaluation of uncured fresh chicken sausage with reduced fat content

28. Sensory aspects of consumer choices for meat and meat products

29. Sensory Attributes and Consumer Acceptance

30. Relationship of texture profile analysis and Warner-Bratzler shear

31. Sensory Analysis of New Varieties of Citrus as a Complementary

32. Sensory Brand Studying Relationship between 5 Senses and Brand Value at World’s 100 Top Companies

33. Sensory characteristic of corn soya blend

34. Sensory evaluation of bakery products and its role

35. Sensory Evaluation of Ground Beef Patties

36. Sensory Evaluation of the Selected Coffee

37. Sensory Evaluation of the Strawberry Flavored

38. Sensory Properties of Thai Fish Sauces and Their Categorization

39. Sensory Quality and Acceptability of Fresh Juices

40. Sensory Evaluation of Mangoes (Mangifera indica L.)

41. Sensory stability and oxidation of fish oil enriched milk

42. Taste_and_flavour_food_choice_acceptance

43. Taste_Panel_Evaluation_and_Acceptance_of_Soy-beef_Burger

44. Texture-is-a-sensory-property

45. The !rst taste is always with the eyes A meta-analysis on the neural correlates

46. The effects of egg white powder addition with tapioca and sago flours

47. The Effects of Processing and Preservation

48. The impact of perceptual interactions on perceived flavor

49. The Role of Sensory Evaluation in Food Quality Control,

50. Utilization of soya protein as an alternative protein