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The wonder and beauty of Planet Earth is illustrated perfectly in this years ongoing series of entries submitted for National Geographic Traveler’s Photo Contest

Regardless of whether the images were captured by amateur or professional photographers, thousands of pictures flooded into the contest which boasts four categories, including portraits, outdoor scenes, sense of place and spontaneous moments.

This latest batch of ‘outdoor scene’ entries to the competition which will run up to June 30th, includes highlights such as a lone fennec, or desert fox pawing its way across sand dunes to a single Bibron’s gecko feasting on bugs attracted by the light of a tent.

The winner of the 2013 Traveler Photo Contest will receive a 10-day National Geographic Expedition to the Galápagos and have their prized photo published in National Geographic Traveler magazine. Runner up with be awarded a seven-day National Geographic Photography Workshop, while third prize is a six-day cruise on a Maine windjammer schooner for two.

‘Our photo contest turns 25 this year, making it, we believe, the longest-running travel photo contest in the world,’ said Keith Bellows, National Geographic Traveler magazine editor in chief.

‘In the last few years it seems as if the quality of shots has taken a quantum leap forward. The pictures increasingly reflect a more sophisticated way of seeing and interpreting the world, making the judging process more difficult. We encourage photographers to enter their work and compete against the best.’

To enter the competition, now in its 25th year, clickhere.

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