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(Photo: Universal Republic) Ozzy Osbourne records with the reunited band for the first time in 35 years. With producer Rick Rubin helming, 13 (*** out of four) revives Black Sabbath’s classic molten-metal style, along with three-quarters of its classic lineup. The elements of the group’s early ’70s albums are all in place: colossal guitar riffs […]

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Author and former financial planner Frank Maselli tells a story of a man who retired and went home to spend his days with his wife. It didn’t take long for him to become a major intrusion in his wife’s world. He told her the way she did everything was wrong, even the garden she had […]

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   Anda mahasiswa yang luntang-luntung kurang kerjaan? Sudah mulai mual ndengerin kuliah pak dosen? Mulai bete dengan suasana kos-kosan? Apalagi teman dekat sudah mulai pindah kos karena nggak tahan anda utangin terus hehehe. Pingin teriak sekeras-kerasnya tapi takut ditimpukin tetangga? Atau dulu punya mimpi pingin ikut mbangun republik tercinta, tapi jangankan itu, mbangun diri sendiri […]