I am going to discuss 3 proven, clever techniques you can use to drive traffic to your blog each time you post. In fact, you can make a brand new blog, use these techniques, and generate 20 to 30 visits on day one! You won’t have to wait months to get the blog ranked in the search engine for keywords, and you don’t need to spend wads of cash buying traffic.
Technique #1: RSS Feeds
Copy down the url to your comments feed, and blog posts feed. Submit these feeds to as many feed aggregators as you can. To make it easier, use something like RSS Submit software to automate the task.
Tip a: Certain plugin’s like Ed Dales RSS bomber will create a single feed for each and every post and page, this will allow you to submit multiple feeds all pointing to the same site.
Tip b: If you remove the www from the feed url, the directories will see it as a new feed. You now have double the amount of feeds to submit!
Tip c: There is a free WordPress plugin called RSS footer. Install this, and configure it to post a keyword targeted backlink in the footer in each post of your feed.
Once you’ve done this, each time you submit your feed, you’ll also be gaining a ton of backlinks. It works in other ways too. You know those people who ‘scrape’ your site and steal your content? Well, with RSS footer, you’ll be forcing them to add backlinks to their site – helping you in the search engines ranking and creating backlinks to your site!
Technique #2: Social sites
The thing to do here is sign up with ping.fm. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see that you can associate all the different social accounts, like digg, Facebook and Twitter amongst others.
Add them all. Create new accounts if you need to, or accounts especially for the blog you want traffic for. Now, update your profiles to be congruent with each other, including adding the blog website to each profile etc. The trick here is to dash over to ping.fm and post a little compelling snippet about your latest blog post, each time you post or update the site. One click and that message will be distributed to all the social accounts.
In my experience, this brings almost instant traffic, even from brand new social account profiles.
Tip: There are certain free plugin’s for WordPress that will automatically update ping.fm the moment you submit a new post.
Technique #3: Comment Luv
Comment Luv is a popular plugin for blogs. Whoever comments on a blog with this installed will have a live link to their own blog in each comment they leave. The link displays the title of your latest post. Each time you make a new post on your own blog, the link updates on the other blogs (where you left your comment).
This can get a lot of traffic. If you manage to leave a comment in a prominent position (the closer to the end of the post, the better) on a popular blog or site, you will receive a lot of traffic.
Bloggers are happy to install the comment luv plugin, because they know it will encourage people to comment, meaning more traffic for them.
Utilize this traffic technique by regularly leaving helpful comments on other peoples blogs (with comment luv enabled) in your niche. Make this a consistent effort in order to succeed. Simply do 5 comments a day as part of a routine. They soon add up. Be sure to use compelling titles for your post, considering that it will be displayed on other sites, to ensure a better click-through.
In summary, if you are prepared to spend a day or two setting up the foundations (ie. creating social profiles, creating and submitting RSS, blog commenting etc.), then things will become very easy, and traffic will flow to your site with minimum effort.

Each time you post it will bring a flood of new visitors.

Sorce : flixya