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1.  The largest species of kangaroo kangaroo animals, the red kangaroo, can have a heads up for a sheep, with heights reaching 7 feet (210 cm). Actually in the past been living species of kangaroo with a size bigger. From the discovery of fossils, the high species
2. This towering giant kangaroo up to 10 feet (304 cm, height basketball hoop), the head of Shetland ponies. Of course not all of the giant kangaroo. There is a kind of kangaroo in miniature, including the Musk Kangoroo, no bigger than a rabbit.
3. Did you know that the possibility of people struck by lightning in Nevada desert bigger than winning the lotto jackpot.

4. Did you know that a dragonfly has a life time just 24 hours. And a goldfish only have 3 seconds memories in its brain.
You’re announcing that in a match between Liverpool and Chester City dithn 68 which ended with the score 2-2, the fourth goal was created by the same person.

5. Did you know that game with the worst penalty is between Steau bucharest barcelona Cup champion and the year 85/86. of 10 kicks, 8 and 2 goalkeeper was held successfully on lap 3 penalties (20 penalty means that none of the previously goal)

6. Do you know the name of the city’s most difficult to pronounce is:
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantisilio gogogoch
trivial town called Llanfair PG is located in Wales
no less difficult it is:
Gorsafawddacha’idraigodanheddogleddollônpenrhynare urdraethceredigion
If this is the name of a station in Fairbanks, England ..
no one can pronounce it ..?